Spoils of War (18+)

With gratitude for all the rainy seasons experienced in life.

It was a very rainy day, and Ms. Jane Adelaide couldn’t enjoy the fruits of the weather with her man. She felt lonely at the office; horny, but unable to run home to Hugo. Both took solace in sexting and video teasing the other on what could be should the down-pour subside.

Bane entered her office. Sexy – tall, dark, and handsome – just the way Jane liked them. It was no secret around the office that Bane had a thing for Jane, fantasies jumping around his head, but some things craved for could never be: for as long as he’s known her she’s been with Hugo and was getting married soon.

He was here to collect a file in preparation for their team job the following morning, but seeing Jane all wrapped up in her own sensuality caused him to have an unplanned reaction below his trouser. Jane didn’t really care to adjust herself, merely seeing Bane caused more oil to flow down her thighs. He leaned forward, unsure of his steps, and she instantly turned off her data connection to cut Hugo off. Bane placed a finger on her lip, his hand trickled all through the rough edges building anticipation that was killing her. Jane munched on it, using saliva to grease what was no longer one but three fingers.

Bane withdrew. He pulled Jane off her seat and placed her on the desk, spreading her legs far wide apart for the viewing pleasure of the open city of Lagos through the double paned glass. His hands found its way into her, and she moaned with excitement… not so loud to avoid drawing unnecessary attention from other immobile staffs awaiting the rain’s end. In a short while, Bane was ramming into her like a dog who just discovered the joy of conjugal bliss; even her appeal that he reduce his tempo fell on deaf ears. He was a master at the art… the pussy slayer, experience entitled him with, he held a clean record of slays, and Jane would be no different. Having held her in mind for so long, he was going to make her come back for me. Her screams kept him going. She quaked, her torso shook, she began to squirt.

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