Let the cubs devour the lions

Let the puppies bark at the dogs

If the kids can break the horns of the goats

Then the waters will be still.


For when the cows eat all the hay

Then the calves must stand at bay

For even a pandemonium of parrots

Cannot finish a plantation of carrots


The streams will dry on that day

The sky will cry on that day

There will be thunders of woes

To strike these hunters and foes


What goes around, comes around

Old bones around must go underground

For this is a chance to devour the rigor

Forming alliance to favor our vigor


Alas! We are like sheep without shepherd

Alas! We all weep without being heard

The end, they say, justifies the means

But now the means must justify the end


The time is now, the clock is ticking

The line is drawn for swords to stick-in.

Take heed and flee, for dawn is near

You weeds and fleas’ll die by spear.


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