I woke up early today
Zappy and zingy
I can hear loudly
The murmur of nature
Gulping the rains-happily
And i myself-bathed
In a glove of mild comfort
Wrapped up in soft weather
My brain clear and untangled
Regurgitating wisdom to me

I slept off amidst papers and ink
Within drawing and painting
To wake up excited
I picked up where i left off
Conscientious and alert
My scripts gulping-the ink
Undistracted by life
Wholeheartedly committed to my assignment
My resolve clear and free
Regurgitating fulfillment to me

I got up hale and hearty
Victorious as a man
Ready to engage the world
celebrate my triumps
young and old
Clapping cheekishly
With pomp and pagentry
Listening to my inner-self
My conscience healed and real
Regurgitating destiny to me

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  1. awesome poetry

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