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Dark Waters (Flash Fiction)

It’s the pains of life: the incessant demands.

I can’t take anymore.

I am just a simple man and I do what I can do. But more is demanded of me, much more. Too much more. They put the demands of a hundred men on my head and I falter and fall under the load, the weight forces my neck down, my knees wobbling and my every step in life is laborious.

But still they want more and become relentless with more demands. They believe it’s their right to demand .After all, they say, you’ve got and most give because we don’t have.

I’m only but human, cry I, but my cries fall on deaf ears. Or should I say ears that have selective hearing?

Like a dry branch in harmattan that breaks at the touch I snap. I can’t take anymore. My head because void of reason; I just want a way out, anyway out.

With my mind in turmoil and my will to live fast diminishing I head out. I know not what I’m doing: I am hypnotised by my hopelessness.

It’s roar can be heard for miles around as its waters crash onto the rocks, racing down the ravine. In daylight its crystal clear, its spray and surf is brilliant white. At night it becomes treacherous dark waters like the rivers of Hades flowing to the underworld. It’s mesmerizing: a sea of pristine blackness just flowing on.

In the absence of any wind the roar of the river is tempered and it is as if the waters are talking to me.

“Come in, come in”, it coos seductively in a voice I can only hear in my head: it’s a rich maternal voice like a mother talking to her child or a lover inviting one to bed,”…come in, come in…”. It’s a voice I can trust and believe in. A voice I dare not disobey.

The full moon disappears behind a cloud and I’m in darkness. I think I hear an owl hoot or was that my name called? My every footstep is purposeful as if my feet are savouring what could be their last trip.

The hide of the water is no longer there for I see maidens; beautiful black girls are dancing there. They are full of life and happy and beckon for me to join them. They are partying: there is a copious amount of food and drink laid out in a buffet. Scintillating music is playing in the background and there is contentment in the air.

I must join them.

I see only them and not the deep dark water. It’s like a screen has been put over it. I step forward into their waiting embrace. Just one step and I’m in. immediately I’m sucked in, twisted and dunked, as the ethereal dancing maidens disappear and at that point I know there’s no way back as I breathe my last.


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