Butterfly Blues (3)

Butterfly Blues (3)

“Guy, I see Tolu oh!”

“Tolu? Who is Tolu? Wait, wait, wait, it’s a lie! Tolu! Miss Nipples! Miss fuck me if you can, Tolu? Guy you sure?”

“Banky, it was her, live!”

Benjamin was on the phone with his close friend and confidante Bankole. They both had gone to the same school and also worked in the same firm when Tolu slid into their lives, so Bankole was the only person he could talk to right now. Ify had taken the kids out for their weekend sports activities, he was alone at home, and could talk freely on the phone. Benjamin detailed the activities of the night before at the party and the messages Tolu had sent to him,

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit? She’s an old story” Bankole told him.

“Banky, I agree, but mehn! I saw her and my whole body and soul responded to stimulus. I just melted inside like it was just yesterday she disappeared, all the feelings were still there. And at that moment I thought of my wife, felt betrayal for my feelings for Tolu. The last thing I wanted, was Ify even knowing that Tolu and I once knew each other”

“Hehehe, that babe still has the Kryptonite effect on you I see. That means she still hot die!”

“Banky, no change at all, just the way she was”

“Well when you see her, we’ll know what’s up. You are going to see her, aren’t you?”

“Guy, that’s what I don’t know, I have supposedly closed that chapter of my life, I’m supposed to be running away from it, I mean we both turned out ok, she’s married, I’m married, everybody’s happy. I don’t want to expose myself to any possible chance or situation that would upheave my life right now”

“Ole boy, you are speaking too much english, when that babe calls, better go and see her, abi my I go for you? You still never tell us the juju wey you use take catch am that time”

“Gerrout! You are saying that I should go?”

“Ben, man up and go, she never even call you sef, you don dey fear. Just go, hear what she has to say, if your prick want start to dey misbehave, takeoff! It’s allowed”

Benjamin hung up laughing, trust Bankole to make a joke out of something he deemed serious. He turned on the television, hoping for something to take his mind off Tolu, he wished Ify and the kids were around, then he thought of it, and was glad they were not, if Tolu called or sent a message when his family were around, he could start acting funny, he thought about sending her a message or calling her now that he was alone, then he thought, that she also might not be in a convenient position to answer. He decided to be out of the house and spend the day at Bankole’s place. He would tell Ify that he had to go to work, to clear up some unfinished business. He went to the shower. He closed his eyes as the warm water and soap suds soothed him and took his mind back to a day with Tolu

He was in the shower, bushed from the day’s activities. He and Tolu had gone straight to his place from work, he truly needed to rest first before he could even consider going out for fun. He hit the shower, and was enjoying the cool water on his skin, Tolu came in and joined him under the shower,not saying a word, she picked up soap and a sponge and scrubbed him gently, the sensation he got when she reached his back made him arch his back, she reached for his groin from behind, pressing her body against his back, Tolu gently juggled his balls, her hands filled with soap suds. Benjamin thought he was too tired for any kind of  sexual fervency, but his penis had a mind of its own, and had already responded to Tolu’s caresses  with an erection. Tolu smiled and held his erection with both hands and stroked him gently.

Benjamin’s mind came to back to the present with a throbbing erection, he was alone at home,  no one would need to use the bathroom, so he had enough time on his hands without distraction. He picked the soap, and held his erection, with his eyes closed, he stroked himself, imagining that it was Tolu standing behind him doing the stroking. He began to stroke more rigorously and was just about to reach climax, when the laughing shrieks of the children running into the house stopped him dead in his tracks. ‘Cock blockers!’ He thought to himself as he began to wash the soap suds of his body. Ify came into the bathroom “Hey honey, you are having a shower, meaning you are going out now?”

“Yeah” Benjamin replied “I left early yesterday, and also left some unfinished work that can’t wait till Monday. Want to go clear the place up. What’s in your mouth?” Benjamin asked, wanting to change the subject. He never really liked having to lie to Ify.

“Oh, candy, took one from one of the boys. You want?”

“Yeah” He said pulling her closer, using his mouth on hers to get the sweet. This turned to a full kiss, with them passing the sweet to each other, mouth to mouth.

“Hmmm, someone else is excited to see me” Ify beamed looking down

“Yeah, it’s what you do to us” Benjamin replied smiling, kissing her again.


The call came from the other side of the door. Ify was laughing. “Cock blockers!” He muttered under his breath and grabbed a towel. He dressed up quickly, played with the children a bit, and was heading for the door when his phone rang, he almost jumped out of his skin, wanted to ignore and continue heading out, but stopped to look at the phone, he sighed with relief when he saw it was just Bankole and answered. He did not allow Bankole to talk

“Hey guy! I just dey leave house, will meet you at the office now, or you go wait for me for house?”

Bankole immediately got the message that he was passing across, and simply answered “Ok”.

Benjamin just got into his car, when his phone rang again, he answered without even looking at it, thinking it was Bankole again.

“Hello, good time to talk?” Tolu asked

Benjamin almost dropped his phone in shock, but managed to answer “Yeah, I was just about to drive out”

“Sweet to hear your voice again after so long” Tolu said “You are on your way out, means we can get together soon? You are chanced, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am chanced. What about your husband?” Benjamin asked.

“He traveled this morning, will be away for a week. So I can come out at any time. What time would be ok for you?”

“Anytime really, I was just on my way to Bankole’s place. You remember him don’t you? We used to work together then”

“Of course I remember him! Who wouldn’t? He was always looking at me like he was wearing X-ray glasses, and one could always tell he was eye raping me at any possible opportunity.” Tolu replied laughing “How could I possibly forget?”

“I will let him know that you were aware, that you were being raped, but just chose to be civil about it” Benjamin said, laughing too

“Oh, please don’t” she said still laughing “Oh, I’ve missed you. Where would you want us to meet?” Tolu asked

To Benjamin this sounded a bit awkward, because since he got married, he had never had to meet with any woman in circumstances that somewhat had all the characteristics of a rendezvous, and immediately developed weak feet. But he remembered Bankole’s words. He could not think of any place that would be appropriate, since he would not want to be seen in public, in a situation that he could not explain. So he pushed it back to her.

“Anywhere, anywhere that’s ok for you would be just fine”

“Ok, I’ll send you an address, when I am about to leave home” Tolu said to him

“Fine, I’ll be at Bankole’s place, will move from there”

“See you later then” she said before hanging up.

As he drove to Bankole’s place, He asked himself ‘Do I truly want to go down this path?’, he nodded to himself, he could not back down now

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