Broken Head

Broken Head

One Sunday afternoon. I decided to take Toke out for a romantic lunch. I returned home from the regular Sunday service and drove out my Toyota Camry 2005 model.
I drove down to her house and only one song kept playing in my mind and that was TuFace’s African Queen which I played on my car mp3 and kept it on repeat. The song reminds me of only one person and that was Toke.
The drive from my house to her apartment was less than 10 minutes because we lived in the same neighborhood. She was already waiting and as soon as I stopped in front of her gate, she entered and I drove off. We chatted romantically as we travelled.
We were almost at the cinema when all of a sudden. My car, or should I say that another car ran into mine but the summary of the whole event then was that we both ran into each other.
I was flabbergasted and quickly stepped out of my vehicle to check the amount of damaged done to my favorite vehicle.
“My God!” I screamed simultaneously placing my hands on my head in the Moku, Mogbe, Modaran mode. By the time I turned around, I saw the owner of the vehicle. He was a young fresh looking man, around my age or a little lesser cause I definitely looked older than him but he looked more expensive than and was clearly visible from his dressing as he was flamboyantly with gold chains around his neck, gold rings in all his fingers and tattoos on both arms. He could easily pass for a yahoo boy with this mode of dressing. Well, I didn’t care about that, I was more concerned with my car.
“Sorry” was the first word he said and the thought of what sorry would solve roughly sipped into my head. “Sorry!?” I lashed “Young man are you telling me sorry? Where you blind?” I could read the shock on his face as I must have flummoxed his mind.
He took about two steps back staring at me with a look that read “Sho, what’s wrong with this one o” but I over looked it. While we were still staring at each other, I in rage and he with his I don’t care. Toke stepped out and spoke.
“Ewo! Baby, can you imagine this, that’s how all this young boys (pointing at the man) who think they are rich use to behave, look now, he has destroyed your car headlight, and his car only suffered a light scratch, I suggest you better break his own.” She and without twice about her suggestion I scanned the area found a club which is utilized in the process of carrying out the act of breaking the two headlights of his car which was a range rover sport 2013 model.
“Jeez man! What did you that for” the guy said with what I believe is a made up American accent.
“Weytin be jeez, my friend you better leave English and fix my car sharp sharp” I blotted.
That same instant, he retrieved his iPhone from his pocket and made a call and before long a man suited up as a mechanic arrived the scene on a motorbike carrying two headlights. He greeted me casually and headed to hail the other man and right there in my presence he replaced the broken headlights with the ones he brought along with him while I stood at the same spot flabbergasted with such a sudden act of flamboyance.
“Hey bro!!” I heard the man echo for the second time which brought me back to reality. “I just fixed your headlights I think the proper thing you need to is to also reciprocate man” he requested.
His words felt like The Big Show’s famous knockout punch landing heavily on me and sending me into a flashback trying to pick out where I took the wrong decision by smashing his headlights all because I lost my cool at the first instant, now I know the wisdom in the phrase “Never take permanent decisions on temporary feelings”. I just stared at him with a pitiful face and looked around for Toke, hopefully she could also feel my pain and assist in the pleading am about to embark on because I don’t need a pastor or prophet that I can’t afford to buy the two headlights only to find her chewing gum loudly in the car and taking irritating selfies in the car.
I wish I could write further but as the memories comes back my injuries refreshes and the tears of defeat rolls back. –

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  1. This got me laughing hard. Good work.

  2. This is some real good stuff

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