Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Walk with me
This palpitation beat, walk, a little more
I have come too far to be messed up by satan
Keep standing
one foot ahead of another

Walk with me
Keep standing
Only a little further than you were before!
Remember how we started this walk
Crawling, stumbling then grasping
Mama thought it was love that made me grip so hard
It’s a lesson i learnt from walking, crawling maybe
Then i crawled so much i could grasp the air!
Walking on two’s

Walk with me
slow, slow then steady
coming of age
Led me back to grasping, holding hands
Clinging to the one that send shivers down my spine
Laughing cheekily till you can tell each sound apart
The call for maturity and the age of change
Led me grabbing plastic keys
Typing away sometimes clicking!

Walk with me
And you’ll never be alone
Each step i take either possess a force
Resonating enough to drive
Another step of yours

One thought on “Walk With Me” by samuel o-e (@benchmark)

  1. This poetry describes the never ending continues nature of varied and diverse experiences in life as each instance progresses from novice to maturity or from babyhood to adulthood

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