The Shameful Knot (2)

The Shameful Knot (2)

“No be my head ooo,No be my head ooo, anything wey satan dey plan, no be my head ooo”.Mazi Okafor chanted his favourite chorus as he meticulously wrapped his “medicinal herbs” as he calls it . The day was still young and the freshness of the air could testify to that. The breeze was gentle on his thick skin until he saw his wife approaching like a lorry with a failed brake. “What is it I’m hearing, you this shameless man?” She’d lost her voice again.
If there’ll be only two women who would quarrel at the market in a day, one of them must surely be the wife of Mazi Okafor. She’s popularly known as “madam na me know pass”. She’ll argue at the prize of anything she bought and her popularity came to limelight when she quarrelled with a mad woman. “Cover you nakedness woman, I’ve seen enough” he said staring at her wrapper that fell to the ground. “No wonder! She exclaimed. “So it’s true, so because you’ve seen enough of me that’s why you shamelessly go about with your yardstick, measuring the depth of every hole you see abi?” She was prepared for the worst.
He gave her a mocking reply saying; “Woman, you speak in parables. I’m totally lost I must say. Who in this modern day will still be measuring with a yardstick and which hole are you talking about? She reluctantly picked the wrapper and threw it at his face. “Shameless man, what else on earth do you want me to do for you so that you can be satisfied? What?” she asked clapping her hands over his head. “Please die for me” he voiced out. ” Over my dead body. She moved her hand round her head twice and flung it to the air. “You think I won’t hear that you impregnated Nkechi, the daughter of the palm wine tapper, abi? She said, waiting for him to deny. He stared at her at once, “Did you say impregnated or impersonated? “

3 thoughts on “The Shameful Knot (2)” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. madeline (@maderline)

    Impregnated or impersonated? LOL!!! Cheating is a terrible thing…a complete disrespect of one’s spouse. Mazi Okafor is obviously not moved by his wife’s dramatic displays of anger…

  2. Oluwaferanmi (@Oluwaferanmi)

    Men and their acts of denial

  3. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    Lol. May be he is guilty of the both.

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