The Harvest  Season (5)

The Harvest Season (5)

“Do you, perhaps, know a great entertainer in this Kingdom, called by the name ‘Ojadike’?”

“Ojadike? I don’t even know anyone by whom that name is called”

“Then you surely are not a son of the soil”

“Look here, slave, I have lived all of the forty-five years of my life in Obodoegwu kingdom, there is not anyone great here, whom I do not know of”

Adaeze got confused. Ojadike had told her that he was one of the most famous entertainers of the land of Obodoegwu who was known by even the smallest child in the Kingdom. She had found the sayings of the boatman, as they journeyed through the river, rather strange. She had guessed they were untrue, and decided to find out at soon as she was off the boat.

The journey through The River of The Great Divide took about two hours before Adaeze arrived at the shore on the other side. The boatman had had mercy on her wretched look and had let her journey for free. Adaeze had perambulated the kingdom until she had combed the entire seven clans that made up Obodoegwu.

At the end of a fruitless search was a wearied confused and afraid Adaeze. Wearied from crossing the nine villages that made up her kingdom, wearied from crossing the great mysterious river to come to search for the man she loved; a long tiring journey, wearied from futile walk through the seven clans of Obodoegwu kingdom in search of the same man. Confused because he had told her that there wasn’t any soul who had never heard of him in the Kingdom, and the reverse had become the case as not even one person could attest to his existence. Afraid that he might be a ghost who was messing with her for reasons she could not fathom.

In weariness and confusion and fear, Adaeze began trudging back home.
She had gotten to the bush path after which was the great river, and had begun to walk very fast through it as the bushes by the sides looked scary, as it was dark, and she feared that something scary might emerge from it even after inhabitants of Obodoegwu had told her that every part of the Kingdom was peaceful and calm, when someone came out of the bush, crossing her path. She looked, and it was he.

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