The Door


That silly door

The silly oblong wooden brown door

The silly spot I kept stirring at waiting for it to open

I waited, longed, wished, hoped, prayed that it’d open

Open for my wishes to come true

Open for my yearnings to finally be met

Open for him to finally walk through

And so every time the knob turned and the hinges squeaked

My forlorn eyes would pop with a ready smile if he’d be the one to walk in

But he never came

For how long I’d been waiting? I couldn’t tell

But I know things were happening

Things I should have taken part in or at least paid attention to

Things I should have enjoyed,

There was singing, but no I shut my ears and mouth to it

There was dancing, but no, I refused to move my feet and body to the rhythm of it

There were colours and sights to see but I shut my eyes and mind to it

For how long, I never will know

And now I know that decades have past,

Dawn met noon and noon met dusk,

With an expressionless face I stare at the clock

It ticked, it tock

But still I played the sitting duck

And then I could hear the deafening silence

Where did everybody go?

The laughter and the songs?

The dance and the rhythm?

The colours and sights?

Everything seemed to have moved on except me

How did I know?

Because even common sense had found a way to pass through that closed door

It had passed that door and crept into my mind’s door

So with a hatchet in hand I stood to my feet

Walking to the object I had stared on for too long

No more was I going to sit waiting to it to open

I’d break it down and let myself out

With nothing but hope to start anew

To live, to laugh, to love.




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  1. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    Pure, True, Plain, and instigates scepticism

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