The Cell 4

Three men dressed in camouflage converged over a map spread on top of a table in an uncompleted building. One man pointed at a spot on the map.

“As they descend this slope, they will lose direct line of sight of this section of the road”, he continued pointing to another spot on the map. “They will be in that position for at least 4 minutes given the maximum speed a vehicle of that class they are using can make safely on the descent”.

He pointed to another spot, “Your men are here, it will take them three minutes to move to this point”. He rubbed both palms and continued, his eyes lighting up, “This is where it gets dicey, we are assuming they will be making the highest possible speed, leaving your men a window of one minute to take care of matters relying on the element of surprise”.
He chuckled, straightened and asked, “Are we good on this?”
Both men standing with him nodded affirmation.

J.O Udodinma Ayadi paced up and down in his office sweating profusely despite the running A/c unit in his office. He loosened his tie and walked to his table. He picked up his phone and punched in two digits, he ended the call before it connected and tossed the phone back to the table. He walked to a refrigerator in a far corner of his office, opened it and slammed it shut. He leaned on the refrigerator, straightened, took a deep breath, held his breath for sometimes and exhaled slowly. He walked back to his seat and sat down. He picked up his phone and as he was punching in some numbers, a bell rang somewhere on his desk; he dropped his phone and pressed a button on his desk.


“There is a lady here to see you, she said you are expecting her at this very moment and won`t tell me her name”.
J.O Udodinma Ayadi glanced at his watch and responded, “send her in, once she is inside, I am officially not in the office”

“Alright sir”, and the line went silent.

He looked up as his office door opened after a light tap. A young woman in her early thirties stepped into his office. She is slim, about 5ft 8inches tall, wide hip and long legs. Her large eyes, aquiline nose and full lips complemented the sweetness of her oval face. She was clad is a simple deep neck gown that accentuated the loveliness of her curves. A necklace adorned her neck, it`s pendant buried deeply in her exposed cleavage. As she walked into the office elegantly, her humongous boobs struggled to bounce out of her gown, jostling for space. It is obvious nothing was holding her breast underneath her gown. A single zip runs from the top of the gown between her breasts down to the helm of the gown. The gown is close to one foot above her knee. The afro hair cut she adorned and her sweet smile added to her charm.

Silence enveloped the truck as it rode down a dirt road. Ahead, the road slopes down into a bend to the left. To the right of the bend is a little hill. To the right of where the slope began, the bush sloped upwards to the top of the little hill ahead. As the truck began the descent, Agent Emeto looked up and signaled Nduka to stop the truck.

“See that little hill over there?” he said pointing ahead. Nduka nodded. “If I am to lay ambush for anybody on this road it will be my best spot.” Continuing, he instructed, “Perform a radius scan immediately”.

Nduka punched a button and looked at the scanner`s screen for a while. “There sir!” He pointed to a spot on a screen.

“Transmit the location to Ikenna`s location marker”

Nduka punched a button, “done sir”

“Ikenna, confirm receipt of a coordinate”

“Confirmed received sir”

“Pound the area lightly”

“Yes sir”, Ikenna replied and punched in some buttons on the device he is holding. Seconds later a mass of guided grenade link appeared from the sky and fell into the bush some distance away.

“Threat neutralized sir”, Nduka announced peering at the monitor of the scanner”

“Let`s leave here gentlemen”.

JO Udodinma Ayadi rose to his feet as she walked into his office. He forced himself to smile, spreading his hands in welcome.

“Hey this is wrong timing”

“Don’t worry; the heat is not a problem”

Embarrassed, he brought out his handkerchief from his hip pocket and proceeded to wipe his face. She walked up straight to him, collected the handkerchief and pushed him into his seat, bent over and started wiping his face, her voluptuous breast almost in his face. He struggled to breath. She loosened his tie further and smiled at him, “that`s better”. He tried to talk but she silenced him with a kiss on the lips, sat on the edge of the table in front of him and placed her left leg over his right shoulder. Her gown rode to her waist and her bare crotch stared him squarely in the eyes, the JO could not break the gaze and kept starring. She reached down with one hand and found his crotch.

“Ouch”, she let out, “boy you are on fire”. She grabbed his head with both hands and slowly directed his head towards her exposed pudenda. The JO mumbled and tasted her gingerly as she brought her right leg up and placed it over his left shoulder. He held her legs, spread her further, she ached and he buried his tongue into her. She placed both hands on the table behind her, threw her heads backwards and moaned softly savouring the feel of his mouth in her tender region.

After a few minutes he disengaged, dropped her legs, stood up and struggled to unfasten his belt. She stood too, and in one movement, unzipped her gown, freeing her gigantic breasts, she pushed the JO into his seat again, bent over and as she assisted him to unfasten his belt, he grabbed both dangling breasts. She pulled down his trousers and boxers to his knees; she straightened, moved closer to him, her legs astride his and sat on him, locking him in an embrace against his seat.

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