The Cell – 3

Igbekele handed over the piece of paper to Ediabani who glanced at it casually once and tore it to shreds.
“We are done here, the boys will see you off”, Igbekele said and the door opened behind Agents Emeto and Nduka. The men that brought them walked up behind them silently and wore them the hoods and led them out through the door.
Igbekele whipped out a cell phone from his hip pocket and punched in a set of numbers from memory, anger visibly written all over his face and raised it to his ears.
The Cell take orders from the Office of the Junior Overseer, Defence Matters, tucked away in the last office to the right of the third floor of the Twin Everest. The Twin Everest are the tallest buildings on Tiger Lane, housing most of the government bodies in the nation`s capital. J.O Udodinma Ayadi, a tall, dark handsome man in his early 50s stared at the blank screen of his computer monitor pensively. He was jolted from his thoughts by the sharp ringing of his cell phone; he grabbed it, picked without looking at the screen and raised it to his ears, he listened for a while before speaking
“I am yet to hear from my men sir, besides the Mission Execute Order specified, they must be debriefed before I carry out that task sir”, he listened for while again and continued, “from you sir”… “yes sir, ok sir, WILCO sir”. He dropped the phone on the table and sighed. He tapped a button on his laptop before him and the screen came alive, he took a long look at the mail which he had already typed and tapped the enter button.
Agents Emeto and Nduka squinted as the two armed men simultaneously removed the hoods on them. The first thing they noticed was that their truck has been repacked facing the direction they came from.
“We treat our visitors well, boss` orders”, grinning, the armed man left behind when they were taken away continued, “I have repacked your transport for you”
Agents Emeto and Nduka ignored them and boarded their truck.
“Atoms, check in”, The Cell Commander broadcasted.
“Atom Port still in position”, Ekene replied.
“Atom Starboard out of position, position was under threat”, Chinedu replied too.
“Atoms already interlaced”, Ekene added.
Agent Emeto opened his mouth but no words came out, he glanced over at the driver and collapsed in exasperation into his seat. “How possible?”, he thought to himself. “Very good, maintain position and get ready to play”, he broadcasted.
Igbekele ended the call, dropped the phone on the table and turned to Ediabani, “Check that email address”. Ediabani, without looking at Igbekele or uttering a response reached into his trousers pocket and retrieved a cell phone. After a few tension filled minutes, he turned to Igbekele and nodded. Igbekele picked up his phone again, punched in some numbers and raised the phone to his left ear. “Ask your son, the seminarian the name of the 9 year old girl he deflowered during his apostolic work last year, her name is all you need to input in the dialogue box that will pop up when you try to access the card, it will grant you access” he paused, listened, laughed and continued, “I know everything about you man, everything, I know”, he laughed some more and dropped the phone on the table. He reached to and rubbed Ediabani`s back, “The hunt is on again”, he told him. Ediabani smiled a bitter smile and mouthed into his watch “The dogs can go wild, the sheep are yours”.
The truck came to a halt where The Atoms had jumped off and waited. 90 second later, The Atoms have crawled out and climbed into the truck. The sides remained up.
“Report on Threatened Position immediately”
“Atom Starboard radioed in sighting of approaching hostile contact at their 6 o`clock via the emergency station, notifying us of their intention to interlace with us, they did”, breathlessly he continued, “minutes later, we sighted 15 hostiles who backed back into the bush when their leader received a message on his intercom, sir”
“Great, my fears are confirmed, this mission has been most definitely compromised”, he turned to the driver beside him, “perform a radius scan immediately”. Nduka tapped a button on the dashboard of the truck and looked closely at a 5“ monitor that popped up.
“3 minutes at 50km/h to our 11 o`clock is a mass of heat stamp on the scanner sir”
“Agent Ikenna”, Agent Emeto broadcasted.
“Did you get that location?”
“Yes sir”
“Neutralize target”
“Yes sir, neutralize target sir”
Agent Ikenna reached into the left combat pocket of his trouser and brought out a device looking like a cell phone, he tapped a button and inputted some data. 45 seconds later, a guided grenade chain rolled out of the blues from the northern sky and plunged down miles down the road.
“A direct hit sir”, an obviously excited Nduka announced.
“Good, proceed with caution”, He picked up a hand held radio on the dash board of the truck and mouthed into it. “Home base, goods secured, returning to base”, he dropped the radio and dropped his head, drifting into deep thought.

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