She died twice

She died twice

She stood among the  weeby trees

Cascading down her spine, her tresses

In its immaculate beauty it dances

To the moonlight that glows in daze


She should have stopped the first time

But she didn’t stop in past time

Today she sit in ruins of her old self

If only she knew the fate of her life


With a broken heart pleading to heal

And a shattered dream begging to hear

She knew the worst is yet to emerge

She has to do this now or face her worst


She  followed the silent moon in mum

Her footstep against the wet sand in mourn

Her only companion the still angry sky that roared

And the threatening departure of the skylight aglow


The singing cricket perturbed the dull night

Her thundering thought troubled her restless

If only she knew what to do right

Yet she trudged on into the night listless


The end drew nigh she so knew

When her sole touched the wet sea

Yet she headed on deeper into the sea

Until her breath choked and she wasn’t to see


The first time she died, her had been by her side

Singing her their song to  hear, he has been hers then

Today as she suffocated and drowned, he was not to be

For relaxed he was, in other woman’s arm no more hers to be


4 thoughts on “She died twice” by sarahchristy21 (@sarahchristy21)

  1. this is just beautiful.

  2. Liked the title of the poem. She actually dies twice.

  3. this is awesome, it has a beautiful concept. Kudos!

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