On That Day

On That Day

On this day precisely
We all gather wisely
For we now beckon
To the calling of the spirits

We are supernaturally forced
To have our spirits gorged
By the spirits who has us deep
But fear makes us plead
For the unknown tomorrow

We all love to hate
But death has written our fate
Now we all hope to die
And have our spirits and souls tied
Until the end of time

For we need salvation
So as to flee damnation
Or accept the wiles of the devil
Who is the father of evil
Now do we live in fear

We gather like slaves
Singing in octaves
Pleading for freedom
To go to our kingdom
And sing in the sun

At last we ascend to heaven
And give room to the heathen
For we are now children of God
And not the children of zod
Glory! Glory! Do we sing

One thought on “On That Day” by Samuel Okunuga (@HHBSO)

  1. lyrically it makes sense….. i like it
    Good job on this

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