My Rights Written By Dindy

My Rights Written By Dindy

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Falling for the stand of another person, drilled in unforgettable misfortune and total demies on the road of darkness. Days gradually turning to series of night torture, months tears and pain.
There I stood looking at the judge right in the middle of the court room, waiting for my case to be finalised, waiting for nothing more than punishment and injustice.
How did I get to this certain point? How did I lead myself to this?. Was I wrong by speaking out? Was my good deed a bad thing?.
Why did no one believe me?. Now I’m here and all that awaits me are the years behind the iron rod with punishment unmerited.
Three months ago, Johnson a handsome young man in his early twenties had a normal life. He had no one in his life, no dad, mum, brother, sister, relatives or friends. He didn’t even have a girl to call his Girlfriend or fiancée or wife. He was a lone walker.
He lived for himself alone and life was good for him. He never begged for anything. He got anything he wanted because he worked hard and got paid for his works.
Due to the way he lived his life, no one in the village could say bad things about him. What they knew him for was his humble, gentle, hardworking and trustworthy way of life.
His life was going well for him until one day when he was called by one of the rich men in the village, to clear a land which he (the rich man) wanted to use to build a house.
Johnson agreed to it without hesitating. Johnson was to clear the land 3 days after they had spoken but Johnson decided to go do the job a day later because the man had already paid him double the price they agreed, and he saw no reason why he shouldn’t do the job before time.
He wake up as early as he could (by 4:00 am) to go to the land which was far a walk from where he lived. He took up his cutlass and axe, then set off for his journey.
After 30mins of walking, he got close to the land. As he got more closer to the land, he heard a voice screaming. He paused and held his cutlass firmly and then continued walking (slowly).
The more closer he got to the land, the more the scream got louder. When he finally got to the land he looked from a distance to see what was going on.
At first he couldn’t see a thing because things were not yet visible enough, so he walked closer quietly to the direction where the scream came from.
As he walked closer and closer to where the scream came from, he started seeing things little by little. Although his view was not clear enough, he could see two Unclad bodies.
One had the body of a little boy while the other had the body of an old man with big belly.
The little boy had his hands tied on two separate trees on both sides, with his body bending forward (from his waist upwards) and his legs spread apart. The old man held the little boy on his shoulders and was making his way (very hard) through the little boy’s butt.
Johnson on seeing the event couldn’t believe what he saw, so in confusion and disbelief he jumped out of the bushes where he had seen the unthinkable event and shouted
The old man who was having his way (very hard) into the little boy quickly looked at the direction Johnson spoke from. His eyes and that of Johnson’s met.
Johnson was shocked and surprised to see the face of who he was actually seeing at that moment. In fear the old man quickly pulled out of the little boy and ran away packing his clothes where he had dropped them.
Johnson stood confused and shocked of what he had seen. His mind couldn’t comprehend the intense picture video his eyes recorded.
He got himself back and he quickly dropped his cutlass and axe, then rushed to help the little boy who was now very weak and could not produce a tear droplet out of his eyes.
Johnson quickly loosen the red clothes which was used to tie the little boy’s hand on separate trees. The little boy was about falling to the ground as Johnson untied the second red clothe, but Johnson was quick enough to catch him before he fell.
Johnson then carried the little boy who was now loosing his breath little by little and ran to the nearest village hospital leaving the boy’s wears there. The little boy was in pain and had injuries on some parts of his body due to the things the old man did to him.
Johnson on the other hand was still having a heartache, about of what he saw. His head felt heavy and he felt cold inside him.
Finally he got to the hospital, but it was too late because the little boy had died right at the entrance of the hospital.
Johnson couldn’t do anything about it, but he was asked series of questions by a doctor who later called the police because he could not believe what Johnson said to him, and the person Johnson told him was responsible for it.
Three police officers came 2 hours after the doctor called. They met with Johnson and asked him series of questions. Johnson being a good guy answered them truthfully but unknown to him, he was gradually digging his end.
The police officers then told Johnson to take them to the crime scene, for them to see whether what he said was true or false.
The sun had already spread out its light, giving morning to every living and non living thing.
When the police officers and Johnson got to the crime scene, they saw the two trees but there were no red clothes nor the little boy’s clothes there. All they saw was Johnson’s cutlass and axe which he had left there, and it was stained with blood.
One of the police officers looked at Johnson and asked him who owned the cutlass and axe. Johnson told them he was the one, but he tried to explain to them that the old man might had rubbed blood on his cutlass to set him up.
The police officers didn’t give him the slightest chance to speak, they bounced on him, handcuffing both hands together.
Johnson couldn’t say a thing because he knew then that he had gotten into something that was far more bigger than him (Trouble).
After that day, his life changed totally and everything collapsed for him.
He was taken to the police station. When they got their he found the criminal that committed the crime right at the counter of the police station, writing down a statement.
He looked at the man who committed the crime and yelled.
“That is the man that kill that boy, I am innocent!!”.
Tears came down his eyes as the policemen roughly pushed him towards the jail.
The wicked old man who committed the crime, looked at Johnson with wicked eyes as Johnson was finally pushed into the prison.
Johnson in anger, cried in pain because he was being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit and he knew that his life was in a pool of fire.
Series of questions and evidences had being gathered together against Johnson, making it difficult for him to be set free.
The news of Johnson had gone far and wide to every radio and tv station. Everyone heard about what Johnson did or rather was blame for.
The news was so intense that it got to the hearings of the governments of the country. It was no longer a child’s play because the news was too shocking to comprehend.
Newscaster: “Good morning.”
Newscaster: “My name is Princess James.”
Newscaster: “And this is the morning news.”
Newscaster: “A man in his twenties roughly raped, injured and beat up a little boy. He then took the little boy to a hospital where the little boy died.”
Newscaster: “The young man named Johnson was caught by three police men, After the death of the little boy.”
Newscaster: “One of the police men said Johnson took them to the crime scene where he raped the little boy, and tried to convince them that he was innocent.”
Newscaster: “The doctor from the hospital where the little boy died, said Johnson brough in the little boy running very fast and he had told him that an old man was responsible for the bad condition of the little boy who was already died.”
Newscaster: “A rich man in Johnson’s village who wrote down what he saw in a statement, said he had employed Johnson to clear a land for him.
Newscaster: “The rich man said he had seen Johnson forcefully dragging the little boy very early in the morning, through his toilet window. So he decided to follow him and know what he was up to.
Newscaster: “The rich old man said he was shocked to see what he saw and was afraid to confront him because he had a cutlass and an axe.”
Newscaster: “The old rich man said he later couldn’t bare to see how brutal Johnson handled the boy.”
Newscaster: “So he jumped out of the bush where he hid, to confront Johnson. He said when Johnson saw him, he stopped what he was doing then warned him that if he ran he would kill him.”
Newscaster: “The old man said he didn’t listen to what Johnson said to him so he ran away quickly not to be killed.
Newscaster: “He said he ran to a hiding place because he was afraid that Johnson would find him and kill him. He said later when the sun came out he went straight to the police station to give his statement of what happened.”
Newscaster: “Now people are demanding for justice, for Johnson to be sent on execution. Many people are protesting against child abuse.”
Newscaster: “The horrible incident that occurred has drawn the attentions of so many people including the governments.”
Newscaster: “Many say that Johnson is a ritualist and should be killed for the act.”
Newscaster: “Others say he is not a human and should be beheaded”.
Newscaster: “Few say that he should be jail for life with hard labour for such an act of evil attribute.
Newscaster: “When he was asked by one of our officials, why he did what he did, he cried and said ‘I am innocent’.”
Newscaster: “He is presently in jail and the final hearing of the court over him will be in 2 weeks.”
Newscaster: “The government said that they would make sure that he is punished and no one would save him.”
Johnson’s hands were on cuffs, his eyes were faced down because he knew deep down that there was no chance of him escaping prison.
He was accused of a crime he didn’t commit and was turned down by everyone and they never gave him chance to speak up. No one wanted to hear the side of his story, everyone was against him and his good deeds.
Johnson straightened up his head and took a glance behind him to see what was going on. When he took a glance, he saw the wicked rich man that placed him under the condition.
He saw the rich man who was meant to be standing where he (Johnson) stood, but had wrongly accused him (Johnson) of the crime he (rich man) committed and the world supported him (rich man) for it.
Johnson felt rage then tightly held the wood which his hands were placed on. Inside of him was the fire of hate burning uncontrollably high and fast.
At that point, if he was given the opportunity to pounce on the man, he would do it and tear the man apart into a thousand pieces.
People who were inside spoke quietly, talking about how Johnson was to be punished and other stuffs. Some where wickedly throwing abuses on him but they did it in different ways.
After some minutes later, the Judiciary came back to their sit then they passed an envelop to the judge, who sat right ahead of them.
The judge gently opened the envelop then wore his glasses to read the content in it.
Judge: “Due to the evidences gathered and the information, I’ve come to a conclusion that Johnson is guilty for the crime he single handedly committed.”
Judge: “He is here by sentence to life in prison with hard labour.”
Immediately Johnson heard that, his soul was torn apart. His head banged severally and confusing filled with rage took over him.
Everyone in the court room shouted with joy, happily because of what the judge said, but unknown to them they were doing justice to a man who was innocent.
An officer came close to where Johnson stood then took him by the arm. As Johnson walked towards the door leading outside, he saw the wicked rich man who put him in the condition he was.
He got furious looking at the man, he then formed a mouth full of saliva and spat on the rich man’s face.
After he did that, the officer pushed him with force outside the door. When they got outside, the press were everywhere talking about him, some where trying to question him but were not allowed through the help of the officers.
Johnson walked with the officers, until they got to a black big van which was going to take Johnson to his final place of stay (for all his life time).
As Johnson slowly walked into the van, all that went through his mind was nothing but regrets and pains, of what he did and had gone through.
When he finally got inside the van, he sat on an iron seat. He sat then placed both his hands on his head with tears running down his eyes.
What have I done to deserve this?. I’m being blame for someone else’s crime? [crying] I can’t bare this.
No one believes me, the whole world is against me, I have been charged to spend the rest of my days in a place where I am not ought to be.
I’m finish, I have no future again, my life is now useless [CRYING].
This type of thing happens everyday, many people are wrongly accused for crimes they know nothing about.
This so called injustice has grown so much in our society and our personal lives. It has eaten up the soul of justice and has destroyed families, friends and loved ones.
Justice no more rules the order of the day, what rules is injustice. Truth no longer rules in the law court, lies does every single day.
Many people have been murdered and many sent to life in prison just because of they were wrongly accused for a crime they had no hand in.
Injustice is what rules the law court and I Dindy stand against it. No one should be put under the control and order of injustice.
Let us all stand and fight it out of our lives and countries. We should give everyone the chance to be heard because you never can tell, the angel might actually be the demon causing the trouble.
Our leaders should stops helping injustice to grow. If they do, we will be better and will live a better life.
We also need to stop pushing injustice to grow. If we as individuals can just stop for a moment and fight for justice then believe you me our leaders will have no choice but to follow us.
I am DINDY aka NNAMDI and I stand for JUSTICE, what about YOU? What do YOU stand for?.
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