How To Die In A Protest


It’s a protest…
And must not start across the bridge from Onitsha
Assembling at Aba Road is equally good location.
The crowd must not be violent or mammoth
A peaceful march with banners produces same results.
Move not like a mob, but with metered paces
Gather not in odd, but open spaces.

In a protest…
Your tongue movement is magic
Chants must be soulful and heart- rending
If you’ve got no soul or music
Sing the pro- Biafran genre
Sing songs of aluta and freedom
For a cause that has evaded past decades.

For a protest…
Your skin colour doesn’t matter
As much as wears and facial markings.
Start by not wearing Bubas,
Neither the Danshikis nor Jalabias.
Wear the promises of a rising sun
Inter- mixed with shades of red, black and green.

By a protest…
Our fates hang dangling in the balance.
Death is invited from different angles
In diverse uniforms and live munition.
If the Southern Cross is dimmed by tear-gases
And these military signs are fast approaching,
Fall like martyrs, flow into the soul of other Biafrans.

©Poet Razon-Anny Justin
January, 2017

2 thoughts on “How To Die In A Protest” by Razon-Anny Justin (@PoetRazon)

  1. Mezie Aneke (@Mexpagnecollection)

    Nice one. We are looking forward to the rebirth of “There was a country “(Biafra)

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