Let's talk fear

Hello Fear

Let's talk fear
Let’s Talk

It is me your tenant for so many years.
Every time we meet, you do all the talking.
Now it is time for you to listen to what I have to say.

You clouded my thoughts for so long with your words
You drowned my desires with your voice.
You allowed me pride myself in the state of being “okay”. That I was okay where I was.
“At least I am better than some folks.” This is the recording that you planted in my mind for so many years.

You have made me believe any goal I aimed for was a mountain with no summit.
So I didn’t pursue my deepest desires.
So I hid and shivered when opportunities came.
You have made me think that anything good that comes will not last.
“Don’t deceive yourself! It won’t last! Don’t enjoy it because things like this are not for people like you!”

You bashed my walls of hope over and over again with your words of safety (lies).
You promised me safety by tying my present and future to the mistakes of my past.
I hid behind the swag of being “realistic”. I walked with an air of greatness but on a scale I was a feather.

I fail to believe that any longer.
I reject your philosophy.
I refuse to accept it and I refuse to compare myself with my friends and peers.
Now I see clearly.
Now I see that the goals you painted as mountains were just mere smoke screens.
I owned the palace but you gave me a corner in the servant quarters.
Now I see I am not meant for disgrace but designed for Greatness!

I am walking out that open door, I am not looking back no more.
I don’t wish to see you anytime in the future but if I ever do, you would see that this tenant would have become the landlord of his destiny.

To every person who is locked up and you won’t let out.
With the Fear of stepping out.
Fear of singing
Fear of dancing
Fear of launching into the deep.
Fear of starting that business.
Fear of falling in love.
Fear of being different and unique.
Fear of making mistakes.
Fear of criticism

I will let them know.

You are a fraud!


Yours Regrettably
Tenant 63009931

2 thoughts on “Hello Fear” by korex (@motaomu)

  1. ytad4 (@ytad4)

    Fear can be such a cold place to live in. You have to be careful not to wake up one day and find yourself dead. I’m glad you moved out.

  2. Emeka Oji-Dike (@Mexy)

    This is a poem of liberation and believe me you would have liberated a lot of caged souls. This is a good contribution for posterity sake. May your pen keep flowing to inspire, motivate and liberate imprisoned minds. Bravo !!!

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