“Generational Migrants”



They left their generation
And came to our generation
They colonize us, even in our own times
They demoralize us, even so many times
“Generational Migrants”


They occupy our positions
In all our institutions
They were leaders in their times
Now leaders in our times
“Generational Migrants”


They are Square Pegs in Round Holes
They are not fit for their roles
They use Analogue methods
Even in Digital records
“Generational Migrants”


They ask us for experience
While stifling our existence
They have occupied the platforms
And yet they ask us to fill forms
“Generational Migrants”


They refuse to hand over the baton
So we can, our problems fathom
They turn our girls to prostitutes
And our young men to destitutes
“Generational Migrants”


Give us a chance to race
And contribute to leave a trace
To bring change and prosperity
For the sake of God and posterity
“Generational Migrants”





4 thoughts on ““Generational Migrants”” by Emeka Oji-Dike (@Mexy)

  1. Powerful. Scathing. And unforgiving.
    I admire your assertive tone, that leaves no opening for arguments.

    More space to your imagination room.

    1. Thanks, bro, I appreciate your encouragement. I’m just a budding Poet.

  2. You’re doing exceptionally well for a literary ‘Newbie’.

    Do keep developing, and delivering more exciting reads as this

    1. U are indeed a source of inspiration to young writers. Thanks for your commendation. I’ll try to keep my thoughts flowing through my pen.

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