120 Minutes After Midnight

120 Minutes After Midnight

No matter how I thought about it, it couldn’t seem right,

Why she calling me at 1.30 in the morning, it doesn’t seem right.

It couldn’t be a mistake, it couldn’t be speed dialing me this time of the night.

I shouldn’t even be up, this NBA game time needs to be adjusted, cant even shut my eyes tight.

I should pick up, she could be in danger, but why me?

Why call me when we broke it off 2 years ago?

Its 2am and she’s not relenting, this could be greater than what I thought it might be.

I’m in tears now and my chest hurts, what just happened? Where did all the sound go?

Been laughing 5 minutes straight, that call was a comedy show.

Talking about “I’m super drunk and you’re who I chose to call”

Talking about “we didn’t end well, I’m willing to give it another go”

I’ve moved past your lies, don’t you see how much better I’m doing? Do you know my life at all?

Your expectation levels are overboard, you really thought a drunk call would do it all at once?

That all would be easy cause of some drunk mumbled insincere words?

120 minutes after midnight and you’re out getting drunk,

Do you think I want to get involved with all that junk?

120 minutes after midnight and I’m laughing at your life choices really.


One thought on “120 Minutes After Midnight” by Maximillian (@mxximillixn)

  1. Mr.Max do give the young lady another chance.

    It’s short yes, but hurled all the needed emotions at me, thanks for posting this.
    More space to your imagination room.

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