True Love Season 1 Episode 1

True Love Season 1 Episode 1

……Episode 1…..
John Side Of The Story……

I woke up i did not know where i was,
as i
was still trying to figure it out, i saw a
magnificient figure sitting beside me. I
could not figure out who she was but
the face looked famillier. I asked with a soft
and jentle voice, please who are you?
where am i? She replied, am your mom
your in the hospital. I smiled and i asked “do
i have a mother?” tears rolled down her
eyes as she began to explain how i got
involved in a car accident and it
affected my brain resulting to lost of
memory. .
But the only thing i could remember is
that i
was in a car then i woke up in an
bed, i asked if anybody died she said yes
that i am the only surviving soul.
Immediately a name came in to my
and i asked “mom who is Angel?” she
smiled and said i dont know, i asked if she was
sure she replied “yes”:
…….Just then the doctor came in, he
examined me shoke his head then told
my mom that the lost of memory is sevier
it will take me a year to recover that’s if
lucky. He also said that as long as the
lost of memory last i will not remember
or anything from my past exception of
the new friends am bound to make.
He fothermore said that as a result of
the accident i have been temporally
and it will also take me a year to walk
on my
own without seating on a wealchair.
I layed still staring at them like a child that is seeing someone for the first
He continued talking while my mom
continued listening, the last thing i
him say was that my mum should not make
me angry wether by mistake or
reason being that it will affect my brain
thereby prolonging the healing process.
I asked my mom if i have a name, she said
yes that my name is Mark Brown but i
being called Brown.
I chuckled as i asked “what kind of
name is that? Who gave it to me?. She replied
“your dad” and i asked “who is my
dad? Where is
he? Is he dead? Why is he not here?
She replied your dad died long ago as
she cried and started raning courses on the
. “Devil why? What has my son don to
you to
deserve this terible accident?, as if tha
was not enough you tempered with his
and now he does not even know who i
and who his dad was.
I joined her in the cry, we cried for long, the more i cried the more my head
began to
When the doctor came in and saw me
crying, he querried my mom “why is he crying? Pls he should never cry while in
this condition, any thing that will make
him cry
in this condition pleas abort it or els
condition will worsen. .
My head was already aching very
i screamed as the doctor came to my
rescue by giving me injection and i
sleept. When i woke up a food flask contaning
and stew was staring at my face but i
no apitide.
“Please eat, you must eat somthing, since
you got up from coma you have not
eating anything” she said but still i
rejected the
meal. Somebody was on my mind, but i
dont know who the person was, i kept thinking. She got up from her seat,
closer to me with the food flask in her
hands, forced me to eat, i finally ate a
little she was happy at list i ate
somthing. After i had finished eating, i went back
sleep. When i woke up, i saw some
faces staring at me, they had come to
sympatyze with me she told me that they
are my relations. …..We stayed at the
hospital for five months,
the accident was a sevier one to the
that i was temporaly paralize, so going home soon would be like comiting
Finally the hour came for us to leave the
hospital, the doctor examined me then
told my mom that am well enough to
leave the hospital, but i need to be comming back
every month for medical checkup so as
monitor the healing process incase
there is
any unusual symptom or development it
can be taking care of in time. .
I sat on a will chair that she bought for
as she rolled me out of the hospital, the
security men who where outside helped my
mom in putting me inside the car she
thanked them and drove off. We got
home every where was just knew to
me, i could
not recognise the buildings or the street, so
i started asking questions.
“Mom where are we? And who owns
house? She smiled as she answered
“us”i asked “you and who?” she answered
“me and you” i smilled as she rolled me
into the
house on my wealchair.
Not long her phone rang, she picked,
after making the call i asked her whats that
holding she said a phone and i asked
what it is used for, she said for making
of calls i den asked her if i have a phone she
said “no it was destroyed as a result of
accident i’ll get you a new one”.
She took me to my room and i gazed around as i said “wow this room is
beautiful, who owns it?” i asked “you”
answered “me?” i asked again she
smiled as
she said “feel at home, if you ever need anything pls dont hesitate to let me
She left my room shot the door, few
minutes later she came back and asked
me what kind of phone i’ll like her to
buy for me, i did not have knowledge about
phone so i asked her to get me
good. When she left i began to feal
dizzy and so i sleept on my weal chair, while
my sleep i had a dream i saw a
beautiful damsel holding my hands.
In the dream we were lovers, while i
was still dreaming someone woke me up, i
it was my mom she came with a phone
placed it on my laps.
I asked “what type of phone is this?” she answered “it’s a Samsong Galaxy”.
Then i saw somthing inside the phone
it was a sim pack, but due to my state
lost memories i could not figure out what it
was, so i asked her. She took it from me,
tore the packet brought out the sim
card then told me that it is called Sim
Card and it
is used to store contact. I was amaze, i began imagining how
such a
little thing could be used to store
contact, i
also tried figuring out what contact is
but to no avail so i asked her “what is
contact?” tears clouded her eyes but
could not flow
She then began to explain “contact can
also be called phone number it is a………
I interupted “what is phone number?”
hearing my question the tears broke
down freely.
. She wept silently i became confused, i
my self “is she crying because i asked
her a
She got up went out of my room then came back with a biro and excersice

To be continued…….

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