The sorry letter 2  story by Dindy

The sorry letter 2 story by Dindy

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Her name was faith, she was so sweet and loves going crazy like I do. We were like two mango seed in a single mango –rear right? well that was how we were–.
People looked at us and said “I see a future in this relationship”.
Things were fine as they were, but I made a mistake and destroyed everything.
How was I suppose to know that, a little lack of attention, can make me loose someone very dear to me.
How was I suppose to know that a little mistake, could take someone i love, far away from me. I should have never in this life, pushed her aside from my world.
My pains and sufferings all began with joy, but I did the biggest mistake in my life, by throwing away the joy
It all started one day, when I was talking with my three friends. –I won’t mention their names because it hurts more, when I remember how they warned me not to leave Faith.–
We were talking and laughing, when a ‘NISSAN JEEP’ drove pass us, with a big van following it behind. They were heading towards the direction of the new building.
When I saw faith, she was at the back sit of the nissan jeep. My eyes caught her beautiful face and long hair with dark skin. The nissan jeep drove pass me, but she didn’t see me.
They parked where the new beautiful mansion was build.
“O boy, so na this people get this place, menn money dey this country o”, said friend 3.
“Asin ehn my guy, if you even look the people wey dey the car, you go know say no be people wey dey suffer. All of them just fresh”, said friend one.
“But guy who them be self”, I asked friend two. –Friend two and three leaved in that area, friend one stayed in my area. our areas were not to far apart.–
“How I wan take know who them be? when them just dey pack in today today, shey I be una area witch? Wey dey know people wey pack in newly?”, said friend two with a smile on his face.
After they went out of sight, we fell back to our conversation, but my mind was no more in what they were discussion. My mind was now all about her.
Two weeks after faith and her family had pack in, I went to hang around my paddy’s place, hoping to see her.
“Ah chairman hwfa”, I said shaking friend three.
“Oga nla, I dey jare”, he replied with his gentle voice.
“Hmmm victor, this one that you keep coming here everyday. I no understand your way again o”, he said with a serious look on his face.
“ah ahn, shey to come see my paddy na bad thing? abi make I no dey come again?”, I asked him.
“Yes na bad thing to see your paddy, no even come again sef, i no wan dey see you”, he replied me with a teasy smile on his face.
“Hahahaha, guy you no well at all o. No dey wyn me o”, I replied him in a happy tone.
My hope crumbled that day because she didn’t show her pretty face.
“Damn!, I came here for nothing”, I said to myself as I trekked back home.
One sunny cool afternoon, I was home alone with my phone, when friend two called me on my phone.
“Guy hwfa, shey you go turn up today?”, he asked.
“For sure na, I go turn up”, I replied.
“Ok no problem, sha start to dey come o”, he said as he dropped the call.
I got up and went straight to his area, on getting there, I saw friend one going the same direction as I.
“Naughty boy hwfa “, I greeted with a cool voice.
“Mr Vic, I dey noni”, he replied shaking me.
“So where you dey locate yourself to na?”, I asked while our hands were still shaking.
“I dey go paddy me –that’s what we called ourselves– house , him call me say make I come”, he said.
“Ah him call me sef. This one wey him call us so, I hope say better dey?”, I asked with a smiling face.
“I pray o, sha when we reach there we go know”, he said.
We talked about other things, as we got closer and closer to friend two area.
When we got to friend two house, we saw friend two and friend three in front of friend two house talking and laughing.
“Ah my ogas don come”, said friend three with a teasing voice.
After we got close enough, we all shook hands.
“I called everyone here because I want to surprise Victor”, said friend two.
“Me?”, I asked with a surprised tone.
“No my grand mother, oga I just said you and you’re still asking me maybe it’s you”, said friend two jokingly.
“Well sha, shey una remember that stuff wey we talk about for whatsapp?”, he asked friend three and one.
“Sure na, of course”, they both answered.
I was like “What stuff are you guys talking about and what is really going on?”.
“Guy cool down na, make him explain well”, said friend three with his right hand touching my chest in a down and up motion.
“Well, I have done it”, friend two said with a smiling face.
“Here, this is her number, her name is faith, you can ask her about her personality and other stuffs when you start talking to her”, said friend two.
I was totally shocked, but yet amazed by what he said. I looked at friend one and three who both had grim on their faces.
“Guy, how you take know say I like this girl die?”, I asked friend two with my eyes wide open.
They all laughed.
“Guy you funny sha, you think say we be mumu ni? we be guys like you o”, said friend one.
“That day were she first come, we see as you dey look am like say no tomorrow”, said friend three.
“And all those days wey you dey come for unnecessary visit, we know say na she you come find”, said friend three.
“You self need babe na, you dey always dey alone. Besides e don long since I see sey you like girl like that”, said friend two.
“So guy how you take get her number?”, I asked smiling.
“Guy you know me na and you know say na my area be this, so nothing dey too hard for me here”, friend two said.
“I see her yesterday evening, when she dey go buy something for mama gift shop, na im I block am. I con tell am say e get one of my friend wey like am and him dey interested in her”, friend two said.
“Guy that girl na free person o, I even think say she go give me levels, but she accepted and gave me her number and name only”, friend two said.
“Thanks bro”, I said.
“Bia, shey you no go thank us too?”, Friend three asked.
“Ah sorry no vex for me, thank you, thank you”, I said to friend three and one.
We all laughed, as we walked out to the street. I was so happy and joyful.
That day was the best day of my life and it was the beginning of my love life……… To be continued.
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