The Mercedes Babe

The first time I set my eyes on her was in the bank premises when I went to withdraw money via the ATM. I fell in love in with her. I had always heard of love at first sight but I never knew I could fall a victim until that day. Her bond hair shone like a star. She was slim with a medium sized breast and an errect carriage. I couldnt take my eyes off her blue eyes lined with thick lashes. I was at the verge of walking up to her to have a chat with her. Just then, she entered a car in the driver seat. She owned a spotless red mercedes jeep. I watched her kick start the car. I could detect the car was a new one due to the sound of the engine. She drove off. I couldnt believe my eyes. She had a mercedes benz M class 2015 model. It cost about fifteen million naira. I knew this because my female boss drives the same model except that my boss ride was dark green. There was something unique about her car . It had the name of a bank written all over it. She must be a top management staff at the bank i concluded,.

I saw the same lady three weeks later within my neigbourhood . She dressed casual . She must be living around. I was in a dilema not knowing whether to ask her out or not. It was not that I was shy. The real reason why I was hesitant was because she had a car. Not just a car but one that costs twenty times my yearly salary. I did not own one yet. She must come from a wealthy background. How could i be able to take case of her. I an definitely not her type. But what could she be doing around here. I didnt notice she was staring at me the whole time .

‘Good day madam ‘ i greeted with a shaky voice without looking at her eyes.

‘ good day’ she replied with a warm smile

i just addressed a girl i was – far younger than as madam simply because she had a car. I had so much respect for ladies on wheel.

MY heart was beating fast. One mind telling me to continue chatting with her. The other mind telling of to in find my mate. She must have noticed my shaky hand. I finally surrendered to my low inferiority complex and walked away. As i walker, i used my side eyes to stare at her. She was still gazing at me. I wondered what must be going on in her head

the next day. I had followed my female boss to meet a client. My eyes were red and dizzy because of sleepless night. I had spent the entire day thinking of the mercedes girl. I didnt know when i slept off


i was woken ur by a loud noise. My boss car has just been hit by another vehicle. It was not a serious collision.only a bumper to bumper collision. My boss came down to confront the other motorist. Behold i spotted a lady with a similar alone hair.T hat must be my mercedes crush. she was wearing a grey skirt which matched her shoe. I looked at the car and it exactly matched hers. She came out and exchanged words with my boss. Both Ladies were insulting each other for the clash. The mercedes girl looked more beautiful when angry.

At a point the fight was getting more serious. I was confused not knowing whether to support my boss or my crush. i finally came out of the ride and walked towards her. She stopped talking. She stopped momentshly gazing at me. I wrote my number on a piece of paper and handed it over to her. She collected the paper without moving her eye ball,

‘ is she your wife ? ‘ she asked with a shaky voice,. i wondered why she was much concerned about my patner in the middle of a fight.

‘no. my boss ‘ I replied

SHe was no longer angry. it seems that was the answer she hoped for.,
she gave a sign of relief before heading back to her vehicle. The fight was over. I discussed what happened with my boss .she told me only love could have been responsible for her reaction. She was madly in love with me, only love could brighten an angry girl face like this.

I couldnt belive this. why would a high class babe fall in love with me? a struggling young man.

SHE called me that evening. We agreed to meet in a fast done joint in the hood. She was not interested in my request to foot the bill for her broken mirror. She was more interested in getting to know me better. We chatted for hours.

Mx assumptions about her were all wrong. She didnt buy the jeep. She won the mercedes in the banks savings promo. She works as a subject teacher in a secondpy school. She is not a bank manager . She is not from a wealthy family. She lived in a face of i face you apartment where bathroom is shared among tenants.
we dated for some years.
I ended up getting married to the mercedes girl.

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  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)

    Fair Attempt!

    I really expected more from you, though

    Just felt you were writing the whole stuff in a hurry like a racing car who suddenly got to the finished line and had a big relief

    Look forward to getting much better articulated write up than this from u, thks all the same, gud story-line to be worked upon

  2. Ogochukwu Obiajulu onyema (@ajulu)

    why use a Porsche as your image when the story says Mercedes @tobechi74

  3. Felicia Taave (@FeliciaTaave)

    Awwwww! Romantic!

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