The Journey So Far…





Testing the MIC..1-2, 1-2…Hello can you hear me? Over and out!

Good afternoon passengers. This is your captain speaking. First I’d like to welcome everyone on Flight 11-1-17. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 24hrs per day at an airspeed one step at a time. The time is 8:00am. So far the weather looks pretty good and we are grateful for the brief but cool winds of the harmattan. We are expecting to land in December 31st 2017 and cross over to 2018 in approximately 354 days according to schedule. The cabin crew will be coming around from time to time to offer you a light snack and beverages to enable you enjoy your journey. I’ll talk to you again before we get to our destination. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the flight.


What can I say, just a second ago we screamed Happy New Year!!! And today before your could bat an eyelid, its already the 11th! How time flies right? I hope your journey has been pleasant so far and that you’ve constantly reminded yourself that this is a new year hence things will be different- for good. One thing to consider is this, 2017 is like taking a journey…I’ll like to illustrate this using a trip by road.


Now let’s imagine you are on a journey by road, how do you go through it? Do you just sit there and hope you get to your destination or do you try your best to enjoy the ride? Imagine you are the driver…do you speed past people, ignore road signs, ignore the scenery, nag and snap if for any reason the car breaks down? I hope not. There are two sides to this, on a road journey you are either the driver or the driven right? Ok. As the driver what’s your driving pattern? Are you always in a hurry, do you speed past people splashing water/mud unapologetically? Do you observe or ignore road signs and when caught, try to “bribe” your way through? Are you the type that patiently waits your turn or are you the “smart” driver trying to beat other road users to the game? Let’s take a break


Are you the driven? Who is your driver? How well do you know and trust him? Are you the one instructing him on how to be driven (this is considering you hired an experienced driver). Surely, you don’t want an inexperienced driver behind the wheels of any car you board and that you wouldn’t dare drive if you don’t have the experience.


What is the essence in all this? In both situations, take it that your journey is same with every second of the 2017 clock. There’ll be twists and turns, pothole ridden and smooth roads, signs to take note of, stops to make, speed limits to maintain, sights to enjoy, battles to be fought and victories to be celebrated. The outcome of your journey is dependent on how well you allowed yourself to be instructed as the driver and the trust you have as the driven. Try as much as you can to enjoy the pace at which you are led, no “shortcuts”,  consider the next road user and you may complain but take every setback as a learning curve. LET JESUS  TAKE THE WHEEL.  Also, if in any case you have to drive (because at some point you’ll have to grow), trust his leading. So hey! Strap up your seat belt. Enjoy your ride! I know it’s still to early but Happy New Year anyway 😉😜

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  1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

    Thanks alot for this encouraging piece…….
    articles like this are what i love to read online not someone telling to share some messages from God know where that if i don’t, their father would recieve ten years of badluck……
    awon smellos

    Keep it up @MAYREE

  2. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Thanks for reading… my pleasure :)

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