Slow devil, slow.

Slow devil, slow.

To Ify, For Being such a crazy person.

I have a thing or three to say,

it may sound to you the same, but who knows,

sometimes I want to stay, I can’t hear what you say.

I’m still waiting at the train station, waiting for what shows.


Don’t! Stop Venomi-zing me.

Hold it, stop pressurizing me, it’s epidemic

It may seep into your deceptive soul.


I’ve been hiding behind this door,

the one you shut on my acne inhabited face.

Or oh! that time when you told me to stay in my place.

We moved out of sorts before the yatch left the moor.


I like it when we fight and never make up.

slow down devil, my love span hasn’t ended yet.

Not yet.

One thought on “Slow devil, slow.” by Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    It could lead to break up n d feeling of being used up, if what to make up is not coming up….

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