Should The Poor Die?

Should The Poor Die?

East, west, north and south

All I see is injustice

Unacceptable excuses here and there

A plot and conspiracy against the poor

Even when it is not spoken

Their actions speak volume of their scheme

The poor must die

The poor must not rise

The government, the rich, and the influential in our society

They have all in unison swore an oath against the poor

Victimising their victims with the state apparatus

Unleashing terror using the poor against the poor

They cause schism in the camp of the poor

They persecute, prosecute, and humiliate the poor

They thwart all their effort to rise and be somebody

They break their resistance

They humiliate and multiply their sorrows

Vindicating their actions hiding behind the constitutions made for the rich

The law against the poor but for the rich

They break and flaunt the law and turn around to judge us with what they break

They make laws that can’t protect the poor but destroy the poor

The law that can’t make rich but can make poorer

The law that rob Paul to pay Peter

Nothing for the poor but all for the rich

They steal our nation dry

And still blame the poor for the corruption in the land

The poor is always at the receiving end

Bearing the burden of their consequence’s

What have we done to deserve ill treatment?

Why must the poor die for them to live?

Where is the government that is mindful of the poor?

Tell me what exactly they have done for the poor

All their laws are tailor to benefit the rich while crippling the poor

What have they done to alleviate our suffering?

All promises without actions

They all lie in the public and turn around to cause us more woes in practice.

They promise us change

And we work and voted for change.

We gave them change on a platter of gold.

Today, where is our change

We have been short change

We have been deprived of a true change

Their change is just but to worsen our life

Their change take away food from our table

Change that only deplete our purse is not change at all

What have the poor get from change?

Yet change have taken everything away from us

As parent we cry, we grown as our innocent children suffer

We are dying daily because of their future

The future our leaders have mortgage and sold to their yet unborn generation

We were told there will be change

When exactly will change arrive my nation?

Indeed, nothing have change for better but worse

Corruption still loom large in all federal, state and local government agencies

Cheating and looting everywhere in the land

Gang tsarism multiplying day by day

Open extortion by the law enforcement agency on the increase

Sponsor rogue gang and cultism terrorising our communities

Change means nothing to them in reality

All they understand as change is their share of the national cake

They keep persuading us to endure and persevere while they satisfy themselves from our resources.

None of them indeed care for the poor

That is why they put the nation to shame by their actions

That is why it is always self-first and Nigeria later

They take oath to serve Nigeria but denied her by their actions

They are all fake leaders and deceiver

Who will save Nigeria from their hand

Will there ever be change in Nigeria?

When will our change come?


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