Rant from a skinny girl

Rant from a skinny girl

Dear plus sized brethren (no offence to my well endowed friends, I love you guys)

it is not my fault that I am this tiny, it is just the way God wants me to be. It is also not my fault that we have to use the same means of transportation everyday. It is also not my fault that you are well blessed, I appreciate the works of the Lord over your life.

Just because I am tiny doesn’t make me arrogant and stupid for trying to fight for my right. Just because I am tiny doesn’t mean I should be made to sit in that tiny space inside the bus because of you, after all we are paying the same amount for the trip.

And I also know that it is not our fault that we don’t have our own car. Because if I had my own car, nobody would call me stupid and arrogant for wanting to seat well.

And to think that I am treated like a bad person anytime I refuse to settle for that tiny space is just the most annoying part, then you start hearing words like “but you are not more than this” , this is really painful.

I know someone somewhere is saying “auntie, take uber or taxi” but damn, I wish I could all the time. I am not that rich enough to do that all the time.

On a final note, I really can’t wait to have my own car *shrugggggssss

2 thoughts on “Rant from a skinny girl” by Msbams (@Msbams)

  1. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    i cant stop laughing. Prayer point for 2017; may you develope your flesh. May you never be mistaken for a hiv patient.
    May you locate your private jet and finally may you never get married to another skinny guy so your child wont end up as skinny as i am * winks*

  2. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    No matter the caricature that is made out of your stature,don’t let it torture u for ur future has a glorious feature dat will soon change their texture towards ur nature………hahaha

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