My Experience at Port-Harcourt’s Motor Park

My Experience at Port-Harcourt’s Motor Park

It was a very busy day and the sun showed no mercy. It was so busy that an idle feet might get kicked out of the busy paths. It was my first time in Port-Harcourt but I was strongly advised not to act like a JJC. So I pretended not to admire the edifice buildings, the monstrous mansions, incredulous skyscrapers and captivating billboards that tells that “this is Port-Harcourt”. I gathered courage to cross the ever busy dualized road after carefully studying young hawkers; who ran across the roads chasing vehicle owners to patronize them.They were just all over like it was a playing field.
I sighted the garage few seconds late after the garage boys took note of me. “Na only two people we dey wait for, we wan move now now” was what they chanted as they hijacked my luggage from me like robbers. I played cool, not wanting to be identified as a JJC. Indeed, the Sienna was almost occupied but I never knew they were honest liars. An ” I don’t care” man was at the front seat, whistling away his musical thoughts. A voracious eater was at the rear seat with two young men beside her, wishing she invited them and not having them salivate to stupor. Another woman sat by the window at the middle seat, negotiating with an Aboki to cut the price tagged to “an ordinary leather wristwatch” as she called it.
We waited and waited but the vehicle was never occupied. I waited more than a waiter that I almost fainted. I bought drinks, edibles, books and almost everything buyable that I almost tore my pockets. The more passengers came, the more the earlier ones alighted and yet the vehicle is yet to progress an inch. After watching and waiting for good four to five hours, it was then I knew I was the first passenger in the vehicle. The ones I met were just like a mirage and I was told they were paid to act as passengers . We laughed and laughed that I forgot to be angry. Then I heard someone said from the back, “Welcome to Port-Harcourt”. At last, they knew I was a JJC.

2 thoughts on “My Experience at Port-Harcourt’s Motor Park” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    Lol. Highly believable piece, funny, and tricky.

  2. Felicia Taave (@FeliciaTaave)

    Very funny! I like the telling – easy and everyday expressions… Well done!

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