The sound of rushing shower in the bath woke Michelle. She had a wonderful night rest. The first thing she remembered was having great sex and waking up naked in bed reminded her of it. Her husband was fantastic, he really made her feel like she was above the world, she didn’t know what cloud he took her but it was definitely higher than cloud nine.
She clumsily dragged herself out of the bed and walked towards the toilet just then the bathroom door opened.
“Whaaat!!!” She screamed upon seeing Henry, her husband’s junior brother.
“What are you doing here? how did you get here?” She quesioned in anger.
“Chill baby, don’t you remember?” Henry said not even looking bothered.
“Remember what?” She requested as Henry walked out and headed towards the bed.
Michelle couldn’t farthom what was going on. She silently prayed that things don’t turn out the way her mind was thinking it was.
“Henry please tell me what happened?” She asked, more solem now.
Henry looked at her in amazement. “I don’t believe you!” He nodded. You mean you don’t remember coming home drunk last night and forcing me to sleep with you”.
Shock waves flew through Michelle’s body as Henry confessed.
She began to recall how she has left for the club on her way from work with some of her friends. How they drank in celebration of Hannah who just bought a brand new car. “But I wasn’t drunk?” She said to herself not knowing she was speaking loudly enough to the hearing of Henry who laughed.
“You were stinkingly drunk baby”
“Shut up! How dare you call me baby?” She barked at him.
“O come on? Tell me you didn’t enjoy it? Come on! Tell me” he teased her then tried to touch her breast. Michelle beat his hands away and realized she was still standing naked in front of him. She quickly grabbed her blanket and used it to cover her body. Henry laughed mystically.
“Why cover it? I have already seen it. In fact, I even took pictures of you naked while you slept” he said, laughing the more.
Michelle gave him a resounding slap.
Henry wasn’t moved by any of Michelle’s reactions. He was exceedingly happy at everything.
He stood up from the bed and moved closer to Michelle. He placed his hands on her waist, she fought back. Beat him on his chest but its effect was like throwing baked beans on the wall.
“What’s wrong with you? What are you trying to do?” Said Michelle
“Oh, baby, stop being childish, you already gave it to me without asking, now am asking” Henry said to blackmail her.
He continued moving closer and closer even with her tussle, he pulled the blanket from her, stood behind her and grabbed her breast from behind.
Michelle finally gave up struggling with him as he continued smooching her breast.
Henry was joyed when she struggled no more with him.
He had always fantasized about having sex with his brother’s beautiful wife and on a lucky day he got free access to it and as a sharp player that he was, he didn’t miss the opportunity to take the shot.
He called his brother that he would be returning from school the previous day. His brother picked him up at the park but got a call while on the way that he would need to travel to Yobe immediately.
He dropped him at home and left for the office immediately so as to meet up with the rest of the team that they were to embark on the journey together.
He tried Michelle’s number countless times to inform her about the update but at first she wasn’t answering then after a long whole. The phone was dead. He was wasn’t worried as when he called Henry at about 11:39pm, he confirmed that his wife was at home and sleeping but little did he know that henry was already on his wife and she was pleading for more.
Tears began to stream out of Michelle’s eyes, she had cheated on a man who has proven to be faithful to her. She felt like a whore and hated herself. What kind of grieveous mistake is this? She questioned herself. She looked at Henry with disgust. He didn’t looked bothered, he was definitely happy that he got a taste of her. Just then the door of the bedroom opened and Collins was standing there with tears and anger in his eyes.
Fear gripped both Michelle and Henry who immediately retreated from fondling with Michelle’s breast. They looked at his face and it was obvious he must have being listening and overheard everything. His eyes were spaklingy red.
Collins felt anger and betrayal simultaneously. He had loved Michelle with everything he had and now he has overheard from the door. He couldn’t believe Michelle could become careless to the extent of getting drunk and his younger brother becoming so devilish; took advantage of his sister-in-law’s drunk state to satisfy his lustful desire at his absence. His trip was cancelled midway because the clients at Yobe decided to finalize the deal over a conference call instead of them travelling all the way up to North-Eastern part of the country.
He walked quietly to the wardrobe and began searching for something. Both Michelle and Henry looked on quietly. They couldn’t not predict what he was going to do.
Before they could say “UP NEPA” The next thing they saw was Collins pointing a gun at them both.
“Holy shit” Henry muttered
“Don’t you move! Or else you die too quick” Collins barked “well, you are going to die anyway because I am surely going to kill you both then kill myself” He spoke with authority.
Neighbours around heard the sound of gunshots, they called the police who answered and arrived there promptly. They searched the large 3 bedroom bungalow. What a horrific sight that greeted their eyes when they got to the master bedroom. Splashed blood on the wall and bed. Three lifeless body with bullet wounds in a pool of blood. The gun in the arms of Collins, it was clear he had shot the other two and then shot himself. But what could have pushed a man to shoot himself, his wife and his brother? Was the question that ran through their mind.
“He must have caught them sleeping with each other” they guessed.
But its that the next step to be taken in such situation???


Let me know your thoughts about this story and what you would do if you were in Collins shoes.

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13 thoughts on “Murcide” by Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

  1. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    tragedy…nice plot. Would i do the same?definitely not.
    When i first saw d title,muricide. I felt someone was killing rats.

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

      thanks for reading!

      really? what would u HV done?
      don’t tell me you would walk away o.

  2. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Messy tragedy… I like the coinage “murcide” suicide and murder. The plot was interesting.

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)


      You got the scope I used for the title..

  3. Jon Doe (@just2day)

    Engaging scenario. Enjoyed the shades of grey you kept the wife’s actions in. Grabbed my attention from the start, holding it till the climax.

    In Collins shoes, blood is blood so can’t of my brother. No deaths, but he’d be losing a kneecap or two.

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

      Thanks for reading

      and your thought about your action if you were to b in Collins shoe is respected…..

  4. Mezie Aneke (@Mexpagnecollection)

    Nice work!
    If I were to,be Collins’ shoes, after hearing their conversation from the door, I will deal with my brother and pardon my wife because her mistake was not entirely her fault…..anybody can get drunk. Thanks.

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

      Thanks for the comment.

      I appreciate your view from Collin’s position. but how do you think he would look at his wife knowing that your brother has slept with her also?

      I think I will settle for divorce, well its a though sha

  5. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    instant decision ; murder , probably my brother

    suicide,not likely,cowardice

    i and my wife could be saperated for sometime.divorced if no issue

    murder+ suicid=murcide.
    Suicide+murder =suider.
    Now i learnt something new

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

      Thats thoughtful (the divorce idea)

      happy you learned something

      Thanks for reading

  6. My Vallii (@My-Vallii)

    Now…I like the start of the plot. I enjoyed it up to the point Collins shot all three of them. I wished it were longer. I wouldn’t have minded a little more conversation/negotiation/manipulation from Ijeoma and Henry. I was actually anxious to read something of that nature. An interesting tale all the same. Cheers

    1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

      Thanks alot for your comment, am gad you enjoyed reading it.

  7. madeline (@maderline)

    This is absolutely horrific! It was a mistake ! Collins saw it was a mistak… what a tragedy. But i think he reacted really badly… he could have left the house and come back later.

    He’s only human. But his actions was drastic. I wish he didn’t kill aanyone…at least beat the daylight out of his brother. So sad. Poor Michelle

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