Lamentation of first class graduate

Lamentation of first class graduate

every one is happy for me except me

my friends are rejoicing while my heart is heavy

i have finally cheated my way through the poor education system

and you tell me examination is a true test of knowledge

everyone is happy for me except me

my supervisor rejected my request to write my project in poetry

the language of my soul,my mind and body

and forced an outdated thesis topic on me

everyone is happy for me except me

i am the first electrical engineer in my community

yet unable to replace a faulty bulb

due to my fear of electric shock

everyone is happy for me except me

i am honoured for being the best graduating student in history

A record i achieved through cramming and cheating

our schools hardly celebrate the creative and innovative

my peers are rejoicing with confidence while i am ranting with uncertainty

and doubt
over what the future holds for me

first class doesnt guaranty that i would succeed

3 thoughts on “Lamentation of first class graduate” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    What seems to be a rare feat now portrays as a challenging rift

    Cramming and CHEATING u said,meaning?
    Still Doubt how a Faculty would finally release a First Class material though questionable process, when the IMPLICATION is known

    This stuff is demeaning to the standard of our educational facility
    And what will it convey to others outside the Nigerian society

    Most stuff could be theorize, yeah! It is now your duty to work on yourself and practicalize them as nececessary..….

    EVERY GRADUATE IS ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY BECOME OUT THERE(school gives u an opportunity, the bulk of it lies on your responsibility)


  2. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


  3. Felicia Taave (@FeliciaTaave)

    @Mikeal, I must say I share your reservations about this mostly because I know that Nigerian students are very smart, thriving in a difficult environment and Nigerian universities really don’t make sport of indiscriminately handing out first class degrees without accompanying tests of fire (lol) @Tobechi, thanks for sharing your thoughts here

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