”Ikedi and the rivers Myth”

The sudden swoosh of current beneath them made their canoe to tilt which awoke Ikedi from his slumber, he quietly got hold of his paddle and started paddling once more pretending not to see the expression on Nyone’s face. when he realised that they have left the familiar part of the river and were now heading down a narrower stream that broke out of the main river, Ikedi wanted to panic but the calm on the faces of Nyone and his sister Temidi suggested that they were still safe. but as they continued to go farther from the already dissappearing daylight, Ikedi was forced to query his companions,”please how can we see the periwinkles in this dark place that we’re entering?”                                                         “Dont worry Ikedi, am the fisherman here not you!” Nyone responded without raising his bent head.                           “But we are talking about periwinkles here, not fishes. and as far as I know those are smaller animals”             “seems like our brave unbeliever is now getting scared of the waters”, Temidi quipped in. Ikedi turned to the girl that is speaking up for the firs time, “Nyone! I thought we came here with your sister?” Ikedi asked in bewilderment as he realised that the girl with them was a total stranger. But as he turned to look at Nyone for an answer, he saw that his face have changed  too.                                        “Wait! Is this one of the tricks your river-spirits play on outsiders ?” Ikenna asked, finding the whole thing funny. None of them answered him. He had earlier told his friends that he neither believes in Spirits nor the effects they can have on people which made them to allow him join in the fishing trip after they  warned him that outsiders does not enter the river during that period of time.  And now that he’s caught in one of the forces of the River spirits, there was  nothing he could do than to watch  the scary drama with hope that it will come to an end. Ikedi tried to keep calm as he watched  the new form of  his friend  Nyone  as he paddled the boat still farther away from the open river.       When they finally stopped, Ikedi was terrified  to  see that  they were stepping  out of a big crack instead  of  their canoe and his feet was on solid ground  not  water. He looked  for signs of the canoe but there was none, except  for the river.     He joined them as they gathered  the things  that they will use to build a raft, obviously their canoe  must have capsized  and  left them stranded  in  middle  of   nowhere. But  when did all that  happen ? Ikedi couldn’t  say.

After tying the logs together, they used the broad leaves to make the raft a little bit watertight and then made a sail. Ikedi helped to lift the raft into the  water as Temidi quickly slipped onto it. When Ikedi tried  to jump in as well, Nyone held him back. “What are you trying to do?”

Ikedi did not understand why such question is been thrown at him so he drew a blank.

“Cant you see that this thing cannot carry all of us at a time!?”

“And what do you suggest that we do now?”

“You have to stay here while I take my sister out then come back for you with a proper boat.”said Nyone with a note of finality. Ikedi knew that arguing with them will only keep  them there  further and it will be foolish to challenge this unfamiliar form of Nyone. He acquiesce to their scheme and watched helplessly as they paddled the raft away slowly disappearing into the fog.

When he was all alone, those tales of the River spirits started to materialise in his head and that was  when  he  heard  it!!

The sound  was  coming  from  his  back,  as  if  two  people  were  discussing  in  hushed  tones, but when  he  turned around, he saw nothing. As he heard  the  noise again,  this time it was clear that they were  calling his  name so he looked up and there they  were hanging on  the tree. They looked like baboons  but had the face of men and as their  eyes met, they started  climbing down very  quickly. Ikedi  couldn’t  bear the  shock so  he  fainted.

When  he regained consciousness, the fresh air that rushed into his lungs told  him  that  he was no longer  in the rancid-smelling island. As his vision adjusted  to the bright  day light, he saw those two creatures standing over him only that this time they were smiling.

“Oh! Nyone, you people are back”

“Yes I told you we will back early, getting periwinkles is no big deal for me” boasted Nyone.

“Get up let’s play, before you flatten that bed of yours with sleep”said Temidi and she began to tug at his feet.

“Am in my bed?”

“No o! You are in the sky” said Nyone teasingly.

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  1. Mezie Aneke (@Mexpagnecollection)


  2. This is an interesting piece of creative work, well crafted and the flow keeps you reading to the end. I love the mood and the setting and to think that Ikedi was only dreaming. Keep it going, it could metamorphose into a good epic-contemporary story of IKEDI the Village boy. Kudos

    1. Mezie Aneke (@Mexpagnecollection)

      Thanks a lot@sarah for the nice comment.
      *note taken*

  3. miskay (@Miskay)

    This is nice work @mexpagnecollection. I hope to see more of your stories.

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