Feminism and the Home

Feminism and the Home

These crusaders of “GIVE WOMEN A CHANCE”, “WOMEN DESERVE TO BE HEARD”, and all these GENDER EQUALIZATION sh*t should also not forget to tell their followers to excercise caution while fighting for their supposed rights.

Several women were gathered for such hideous campaign and the convener who happened to be a divorcee having lost the legal battle for the custody of her children and d right of stay in her erstwhile husband’s house wanted all women to see men from her own POV and even worse.

“The time has come for you to take a stand and show the men that you are not slaves neither were we created as beasts of burden. Why should a man put you in the house to work round the clock and come home at night and also plunder your body and won’t give you a moment of rest. It is time you showed your husband that if anything must be done in the house, it must be a collective responsibility. No more should any of you allow a man trample you under feet in the name of being his wife or being weaker vessels…” She went on ranting

Some of the women seated there mostly the elites refused to see the hate and bitterness in her speech or were probably blinded by the Conveners oratory power. The attendees were ensnared by the fact that she was free and never bothered to ask for the cost of her freedom. Now the songs resonsting and reverbrating in their heads was the “Sound of Victory” and never knowing it is most times a sound from hell.

After the delivery of the long hateful and vengeful speech, a new zeal was born in the hearts of her listeners and they were set in their minds to take control of situations and cause the table to turn anticlockwise. Even if nothing else changes, their husbands must have a review of their positions (wives) and see them in a different light. They were supposed to bring bac the reports at the next time they converge and with those last words the meeting venue was deserted.

Mrs. Faustina Brodericks: (Joyful mood) I have never been happier than this. My home has taken a new shape. When I returned home and started applying all we have been taught, my husband had a mixed reaction about it but when I stood my ground, he couldn’t hold for long and so gave in. Now we share duties at home and if I must do more, he pays for it. (the audience cheered and she took her seat)

Mrs. Jane Onwumere: (Also happy and spoke with her igbo accent) My dia flens. Na me dey sell makeet dey bling money to house that my oga and children dey take feed because dem don purshoe my oga for work since 2 yaays ago. I no even talk otutu okwu. I just tel am to take one. if hin go be oga, then hin go dey bring food but if hin go chop for dis house, then him go start to behave well. Since that day, I dey send am to wosh cloth and o da complain cha cha. (the audience cheered and those who got the full story cheered even louder)

Moderator: Any other testifier in the house???

Suddenly a woman rose from behind with her left hand bandaged and strapped to her neck. The right eye was blood red and the areas around the right eye was darkened as if the nerves around it was severed by a deadly punch, she could barely see with the eye though it was open. She had marks on her right hand as if she was whipped with a cane. Generally her body was not in good shape. She managed to find her way to the front

“My sisters, Since the day of our last meeting, I have been in coma. I got home and mentioned it to my husband and it didn’t go down well with Him. My husband beat me with everything he could lay his hands on. The only items he did not use were either out of reach, could not easily be moved or were seen as expensive. When I was near passing out, he raped me like an animal and without pity. The last thing I heard him say in my subconscious state is “IAM THE MAN AND AM CREATED TO BE LORD AND MASTER OVER YOU”.

(With saturated eyes that could not hold any longer, she said)

“My house was in one piece until I decided to snatch power from my husband as he put it. We were made to channel our desires to our husbands and not the other way round. My husband loved and cared for me until that fateful day when the seed of discord was sown in my heart. Am going home to set things right and cant afford to break a home I have laboured so hard to build over the years.” With that she stepped down from the platform and headed for the door.

The listeners who listened with rapt attention as their eyes were saturated and some had tears trickling down from their eyes. There was a deafening silence in the hall as you could hear a pin drop. One by one, the people began to disperse to their various houses, either to start enjoying their new positions and some to set the record straight.

NB: Otutu okwu means much talk

Happy new year ALL

2 thoughts on “Feminism and the Home” by Bishop Gideon (@gmoney)

  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)

    Good stuff!
    This should serve as a reminder that building a home is based on mutual understanding with the sole aim to live happily, act humbly, sleep soundly, love genuinely and achieve greatly together……….And all of these can be destroyed with just one wrong word/statement

    Many couples are living in HOUSES(competing for positions and roles), few are living in HOMES(acting by love and understanding), the choice is yours/ours.

  2. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    what works for A wouldnt work for b

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