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Embarrassing Moments In SS3

I happened to be a very funny shy person tho people don’t believe I’m shy cos I talk too much and also play in a way. That was how the play I played turns out to be what embarrassed me that day.

Ever since I was in that school from JS 1, I’ve always been reserved and I’ve been trying all I could to avoid being called on assembly ground. The funniest part was that I have friends from JS1 junior class to my own class SS3, because of this, I’m always extra careful so that i won’t embarrass my self and be the talk of town (school).

This is the day that I will joke and turned to a big wahala, I was in art class and we ain’t much. Maybe 2 or 3 out of us was made a school prefect and this girl in my class was a prefect that will be leading on assembly activities that day. We have a normal Assembly style of singing, praying and all.

This my classmate that is gonna lead the assembly came late that day and I was on the assembly ground, I pranked her from there saying ‘there is a cat in the class’ she jumped off and ran out. She was catching up with her breath on the assembly stage. I never knew she was so angry already and na play I dey play oh

When it comes to the prayer session, a Muslim prayed as well a christian. We all tot the next thing is gonna be national anthem as usual, that was how that my classmate called another set of people to come and pray oh. She called the Muslim girl then the next thing I will hear was my name. I couldn’t hold how scared I was cos its all written over me that I was scared

My fear was not to come out but I have issues with praying in English. Don’t forget i was in SS3 and I have friends in each class of js1 to ss3. Jesus come down pls and carry me away, that’s how I started praying and bomb was falling off. Chai, I have never prayed on assembly before and I already tot I won’t even do till I’m out of school but that day, I fumbled big time. I was embarrassed cos the teacher talked hell at me after praying that ‘ it is noise they can make, they can make a short prayer’. Oh gosh, the junior were laughing.

I couldn’t stand the shame, thru out the day I couldn’t move out of my class. At the end of the day, that my prefect classmate said she paid me back for pranking her. Jeez, this is unfair oh. It pained me to marrow, that’s how I got embarrassed oh

3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments In SS3” by Onezer (@Onezer)

  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    I admire your courage to put a story piece together but u REALLY NEED to work on your tenses and take your time to constructively come up with a much better stuff in subsequent write-ups

    THANK U!!!

  2. Ogochukwu Obiajulu onyema (@ajulu)

    it is a nice story line, but it was sort of repetitive, and you need to work on your tenses. download and read these books

    On Writing by Stephen King
    Elements of style by Strunk White.

    if you can’t find the books send me your email address and I will send them to you.

  3. Nice but not composed. You need to create time to craft your story, create imagery by showing it and not telling it and mostly work on your tenses. Read lots of novels, it will help you improve.

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