Da Hub EPISODE 2 (the act)



”O.M.G! Do you think this was done by cultists?” Kike asked.

She stared at the words written boldly in capital letters on the fence of the hostel; ‘RIP IN ADVANCE A’; it was written in red and apparently, it looked like blood and also candles were lit at the base of the wall which even made the site creepier. The question Kike asked sounded rhetorical so Kemi didn’t bother responding since she had no clue what the answer was. Some students suggested that the local authorities should be notified and the management of the hostel too, while some suggested that they should bring this to the awareness of the university but most of them objected the motion stating clearly that the facility didn’t belong to the university so there was no reason to raise an unnecessary alarm over the issue. Not quite long, Kike spotted Alex who was just arriving at the scene, she ran to him and gave him a hug and he said, with such calmness in his voice; “it’s alright girl, it’s just a bluff by some losers”. From the statement he made and the tone of his voice, it could be deduced that he probably suspected who ’A’ in the statement written in blood could be, if his guess was accurate, then all might not just be alright.




(Four days prior this occurrence)

Exasperated, Frank barged into the room with a shout “Alex, you dey mad ni? Do you know the gravity of what you just did? You are such a devil man; I didn’t know you were capable of doing such a thing”. Still in great rage, he managed to catch his breathe and waited for a response from Alex who was sitting on the bed keeping himself busy with a game on his laptop. Alex looked up to him with a look that showed that he was already expecting the reaction.

“Guy, that babe deserves it mehn! Sorry for getting you into the middle here but that was the only opportunity I had to take a shot at that whore”.

“Whore!” exclaimed frank, he sighed and continued “Dude, you have crossed the line and I will never forgive you for this terrible stunt you just pulled off”

Before he could get a response, he barged out of the room and Alex just continued what he was doing.

The previous night , Alex took the pictures Bimpe sent to Frank from his phone while he was asleep, and he made an announcement on his class WhatsApp group page that he was about to drop the best photo shots of the century. No one understood what he meant until he uploaded the pictures on GossipHotspot, the biggest gossip site on campus, he shared the link on the class group and said “Guys, your dream just came true”. In less than one hour, the picture went viral and every class whatsApp group in the school had the pictures. Gossip Hotspot had more page view in 3hours that it had gotten in 3days; everyone had seen it and they knew clearly who did it. The following morning, anyone who didn’t have a copy of the picture was probably living in the cave. Bimpe’s reputation was finished; her popularity made the degree of damage more intense. Every guy on campus was analysing her picture; she wouldn’t even dear show her face in school.

Back in the hostel, just few hours after the clash between Alex and his roommate, the whole hostel had known Alex was responsible for the greatest news of the hour but they didn’t understand why Frank was mad at him.

Kike just came back from her afternoon class and was about to open the door when Mike cornered her and said “you see what I have been telling you about that jerk, it’s a girl like you that he just rubbished now…”

“Point of correction, not a girl like me, because I wouldn’t stoop so low to send my nude to a guy” Kike interrupted Mike.

Mike was furious but he kept his cool and walked away. He could see in her eyes that she was ready to defend her “Sweetheart” and he just couldn’t stand the fact that she didn’t consider him over that maniac of a guy she was in love with.

That evening, Kike went upstairs to meet Alex in his room and hopefully get an explanation from him. When she got there, she met him in a very relaxed mood as if he had not just pulled off the worst scandal in the school. She asked him if it was true that he master-minded the whole thing and he told her the whole truth; he explained his reasons and told her he wasn’t a monster but he feels better getting back at the girl after all these years. Kikes made him realize that his reasons were not really justified but so far it made him happy, she was ready to stand by him. At that moment, Alex was perplexed because he himself knew no one would want to talk to him after this incident except the guys that would hail him but for a lady to see his perspective, he was really happy. They chatted for a while and she kept his company before she left later that night.

Frank was still very much angry but at the same time he had to explain himself to the girl he just played an indirect part in ruining her reputation. Bimpe had not been picking up his calls all day and obviously he knew why, so he decided to pay her a visit in her self-contained apartment somewhere in town.

He knocked on the door and Joy, Bimpe’s roommate responded, “Who is it?”

He didn’t give an immediate response but summoned a little courage; stammering, he said “It’s… Frank”. Before he could say anything else he heard a loud feminine voice apparently sorrowful and angry simultaneously, responded

“Tell that fool to leave this very moment before I do something crazy” a bit frightened he withdrew from the door and waited a bit, and then someone twisted the lock and opened up. It was Joy, Bimpe’s roommate, she met Frank on his kneels begging, she told him to get up and take a walk with her, so she asked about how the incident managed to occur that way. Frank explained everything and made her know that he played no deliberate part in what happened. After much discussion, they headed back to the room and Joy told him to wait outside while she spoke to her. Ten minutes later, she opened the door and asked him to come in. On getting inside, he met Bimpe sitting on the bed looking dejected. The silence in the room was so loud that the deaf could hear it, after some seconds Frank broke the silence.

“Bimpe, I am terribly sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen” he paused a little and looked at her for some seconds and was about to continue before Bimpe spoke up

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me that Alex is your roommate, see what has happened now ehn? That boy will pay; I swear he will pay for this hurt and humiliation he is putting me through. Anyways it’s not his fault, I am the slut”.

Frank looked at Joy, who was just letting everything unfold before her while she stood in the corner, saying nothing, and then he said “Bimpe, just calm down, don’t do anything nasty, I will fix this. I will deal with him I promise”

Bimpe, a little bit unsure about what he meant looked up to see his face for the first time in nearly five minutes since he entered the room but saw his back instead as he walked out of the room.



Detective John and his partner detective Maya arrived at the scene along with two other police officers in uniform. Quickly Hon. James (as politically known amongst the students) walked briskly to meet them and introduced himself.

“Gentlemen of the force, my name is James, Hon. James as politically known” he paused and stretched forth his hands expecting to be met by a hand shake from the tall ebony dude on dark shades. When he got none, he continued “I’m not quite sure we requested this much attention, we only needed someone from the force to come here and take concise cognizance of the threatening issue that just occurred in this our humble abode” he said, gesticulating.

Detective John smiled and looked at his partner before reacting, just before James would make any annoying statement. He took a step forward, held him on his shoulder with his right hand, looked at him square in the eyes and asked;

“Are you the bloody SUG president? Or the warden of this humble abode?” (Stressing the two words in italics mockingly) James, frightened but trying to keep calm didn’t say a word so the detective smiled a bit and said “I thought as much, the obvious answer is no, so get the hell out of my way, young man”. James stepped aside and the team proceeded while the few students remaining on the scene couldn’t help chuckling due to the way the detective handled James.

In the previous session, James lost the Student Union elections, vying for the post of the president. As a 400 level student from the department of philosophy, James was quite an ambitious fellow. After losing the election, he made it known to many students that he was going to be the president of the nation in the year 20… God knows when (as said amongst the students who heard him). Majority didn’t like him and he usually got himself embarrassed; his role model was Donald Trump.

The Two detectives walked to the spot where the writing was and took a look. After about a minute, Detective John turned to the few students on site and addressed them.

“Y’all should remain calm for now, this might be the work of probably a cult group or something, and who ever A is, we can’t guess correctly but I think you should all be careful and make sure you report any suspicious activity around this vicinity”

He introduced himself and his partner stating it clearly that they should try to cooperate with the police. After one or two questions, they took their leave and everything returned back to normal in the hostel.

It was just some days after that Friday incident which was the following Monday; it was barely 6am and there was power outage so it was a bit dark. One of the utility workers in the hostel was just about to start her regular cleaning exercise when she spotted an unusual figure on the floor, it looked like a person lying down in the dark, hope that isn’t what I think it is, she whispered to herself. In order to be sure, she took some steps holding a flashlight in her right hand, and when she got closer her worst fear was confirmed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” she screamed. It was indeed a body, with broken bottles around it.

Who could this be?






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