Butterfly Blues (1)

Benjamin once heard Chris Rock joke that women had harder hearts than men, Chris Rock said that a woman could stand in the same room with her husband and five other men that she had fucked and not skip a heartbeat and even go ahead to introduce them to her husband as friends and colleagues, on the other hand, a man with his wife, sees a woman he fucked twenty years ago, would have temporary coronary issues. Benjamin presently found himself in such a situation. As Tolu chatted away, laughing, he looked at her whilst trying to avoid direct eye contact and wondered how the hell she was able to maintain a relaxed composure. He on the other hand was trying to keep a straight face and could feel his underwear dampen. He and his wife Ify were at a party, organized by the company Ify worked with. He just happened to be looking at the entrance of the hall when Tolu walked in. Benjamin had not seen Tolu in almost six years, seeing her now, his heart froze, and his immediate reaction was to duck and go into stealth mode, his next thought was ‘My wife!’, he did a quick head scan of the hall and found Ify some meters away laughing with some colleagues. A two-step move had him behind the frame of a very large man, from whence he zeroed in on Tolu. ‘What the hell is she doing here’ he thought to himself. He and Tolu had been in what he could classify as a casual fuck no strings attached relationship. To him Tolu was the epitome of the word ‘fuck’, he had once joked with his friends that if they searched for the word ‘fuck’ in Google Images, a photograph of Tolu would be amongst the search results. He had struggled to keep up with all the escapades and rendezvous and her sexual tenacity for adventure, but he did not let her know that. They had met years ago when he was a junior staff at an IT firm, Tolu was the personal assistant to the Managing Director. The word around then was that she was related to the Managing Director somehow, if not, they all knew the Managing Director would be fucking her, because she looked and dressed like someone everyone wanted to have sex with, she was always wearing red outfits or a touch of red, the only things left were horns, a tail and a pitchfork and she would be Satan’s kid sister. She was hot. And for a reason that he could not explain to this very day, of all the hunks and eligible bachelors and studs at the firm, Tolu chose him, and he did not even try, he had always seen her as way out of his league, but she chose him.

“Hey” Ify’s voice brought him back to the party “Are you ok? You aren’t looking like you’re ok. Sorry I left you alone for too long, office people, office talk” she hooked her arm into his, smiling “Won’t leave you alone again”. Benjamin forced a smile back, because from the limited view of his peripheral vision, he could see that Tolu was moving towards him, only then did he notice that she was with someone, a man. He had to turn to face the approaching couple that clearly had Ify and himself in their sights. The man had a big smile on his face as he approached leaving Benjamin to wonder for a fraction of a second if he knew the man, before he noticed Ify return the smile, saying “Mr Ogundipe! I thought you wouldn’t make it, what about your trip?”

“I had to postpone, didn’t want to miss this party” the man replied. The man came in like he was going for a hug, but reduced his pace and stretched his hand out for a handshake. Benjamin already giving him a mental assessment. Much older, classy, hoped he was Tolu’s father. Ify did the introductions, introduced Tolu as Mr. Ogundipe’s wife. And on and on and they went, all three of them, discussing about various topics with Benjamin putting in a single or two syllable word now and then, trying to hide his discomfort.

Benjamin excused himself to use the restroom, he was far too uncomfortable. He was so glad to have a wall between Tolu and himself, but could not let go the thought that Tolu and Ify together, talking, might not be too good. He had to get Ify out of this place. He decided he would be in the restroom a little longer, then he would come out feigning sick, then Ify would have no choice but to go home immediately. His thoughts drifted to Tolu again, to the first time she had spoken to him.

He was at the office cafeteria, almost done with his lunch when Tolu walked into the room and as usual got the attention of every guy in the place, she went to the counter to order her food, got her food, and of all the tables in the cafeteria, she chose his. He was the only one on the table, so he figured she noticed that he was almost done, so she would soon have the table to herself.

Tolu asked if she could sit at his table, the first time she spoke to him, her voice as beautiful as she looked. He nodded, afraid he would lost his voice. He was done with his lunch and would get up soon, when he heard Tolu’s voice again, she asked for his spoon, he looked up and noticed that she had a fork and knife with her plate of rice “I prefer spoons, and they were out of spoons” she said. “Yeah, you can have it” He replied. Tolu took the spoon off his plate, mumbled a thank you and without cleaning it, started to use it. That singular act got him, she just put a spoon he had just used into her mouth. To him, that was as good as a kiss. She noticed his mesmerized look, and then introduced herself. She told him how she had always seen him around but had never gotten to know his name. He told her his name whilst trying to avoid looking directly at her lips, and in doing so, noticed the divide of her breasts that disappeared into her blouse which also made him uncomfortable lest she thought he was staring at her down there

 “Benjamin” she repeated the name softly, it was almost like she was tasting the name in her mouth. “You look like a Benjamin, You also don’t talk much do you?” Benjamin chuckled at this, “Me? Don’t talk much? Maybe that’s because you don’t know me”

“Really?” Tolu replied

“Really” Benjamin retorted.

“Then I’m giving myself the assignment of getting to know you. What are you doing after work today, let’s hang”

They went to a bar after work that evening, they found out that they had a lot in common. He could not believe he was hanging out with ‘The Tolu’, he loved how open minded she was and not holding back on using words he would have considered offensive, had the words come from him. He felt sad, when it was time to go, and asked if they could do this again, she gave an indecisive answer “I dunno, let’s see”. As they were about to part ways at her gate, that awkward moment for him, when he did not know what to do to say goodnight, shake her hand, go for a hug or just nod and say goodnight. She helped him by giving him a bear hug and kissing him on the cheek before saying goodnight”. He knew then that this had to happen again. The second date was like they had known each other for years, they talked freely about everything, so when she asked how big he was below the belt, he only hesitated a bit in getting over the shock of the question and responded that he considered himself of average size but he damned well knows how to use it, and the size would not matter. “Really?” She asked, a coy smile on her face.

“Really” he replied returning the smile, whilst in his head he was like ‘What the fuck! Was he really saying this?’

“Hmmm, we’ll see” she told him, and changed the subject. At her gate, after he had seen her home, he was battling with whether he should just go ahead and hug her goodnight or he should wait for her to make the move.

“What the heck are you thinking about? You should see the look on your face” she laughed.

“Me?, nothing”

“Are you going to leave me at gate or make sure that I’m safely in my home before leaving? Besides it’s just 8pm” she asked a smile at the corner of her lips.

“I’ll make sure you’re safely tucked in bed before leaving” he replied

They went at each other the moment the door closed behind them. He lost a button or two as she ripped his shirt open. She went at him like a tigress in heat. The sex was like nothing he had ever had, he knew he was no stud, but he liked to believe he could handle any woman, but after Tolu tonight, he had a rethink on that notion. She took him to his extreme and still pushed, as he struggled to keep up, she pushed him into different positions, postures that he had seen only in porn. He loved her cute bush, and the way she gently brushed it against his dick to arouse him back up for another round. He came four times that night and lost count of her orgasms as she would hold on to him tight, her whole body would vibrate hard and then her eyes would roll back into their sockets, but she would not let out a single sound of climax. She only let go when she was truly spent, hopped out of the bed straight into the shower, she invited him to join her, but he said he needed to get his breath back. She laughed at this. By the time she was out of the shower, he had gotten out of bed and was putting his clothes on,

“Are you running out on me?” she asked

He laughed “At your pace, I would rundown in your bed, yes I’m running, you forget I have to be at work tomorrow”. She laughed too, and her laugh was beautiful, she came to him and kissed him deeply. Her towel dropped to the floor, her nudity beginning to excite him again.

His phone ringing, startled him and brought his thoughts back to the present. It was Ify, he answered immediately. “Hey” he said,

“Are you still in the restroom? Are you ok? You’ve been there a while now” Ify asked. Benjamin looked at his watch and realized he had been in there almost twenty minutes.

Benjamin replied “I’m purging here, must be what I had for lunch, really disturbing me”

“Oh sorry dear, ok, when you’re done we’ll go home immediately”.

He replied quickly “I am done, you can go ahead to the car, I’ll join you soon, let me arrange myself”


Immediately he left the restroom, he avoided eye contact with anyone and headed straight for the exit.


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      thanks for reading

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    the past cant be omitted,pls i need more

  3. madeline (@maderline)

    As much as this is a pin for him, its his past. He is sweating so much like a husband about to be caught cheating. He’s got to chill…unless there’s something else we do not know yet.

    Great writing…Benjamin’s roller-coaster of emotions was captivating and i dare say it was funny too. The guy was literally on edge

    1. elpius (@elpius)

      Thanks for reading :)
      Also, forget that it’s a story, guys that truly love their women can be like dat when a captivating past emerges

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