Beautiful Wings- 9

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Nimi stared at her wristwatch and sighed. 7pm already and she hadn’t been able to read in the past few weeks that she’d been Lara’s PA. Maybe if she’d known how stressful and demanding it would have been, she would have said no in the first place.

But God wanted her to be here and she was here. The reason she didn’t know yet.

It was two weeks already. She trusted that he was going to show her the way when the time came. She was beginning to learn that God didn’t work the way she would have loved him to. Sometimes she just wanted to see how her life played out and everything but he’d only showed her a step and she was taking it.

What if the next step was beyond her capabilities? What if it was something that was just too great to handle. How would she cope? She lacked faith in herself sometimes and she wished she was one of those women in the bible whose faith moved mountains.

But she was just an ordinary girl with an ordinary family who loved God more than life itself.

Do you?

She blinked at the question her spirit whispered out of nowhere and shook her head though her mind flashed immediately to where Jesus was asking Peter if he loved him and her heart wondered.

Did she really love God above all else? Could she stand right here, right now and declare boldly without something hidden on one side of her heart? Could God search her heart and see that truth she was proclaiming and professing?

I love God, I know I do. She mumbled as she found her way out of the taxi though the cab driver was already looking at her in an awkward way. Paying him, she strolled towards the Kitan’s electronic gate and pressed the codes she was already becoming familiar with.

A young man in uniform in the security building stepped out to confirm her presence and opened the gate for her.

“Good evening.” She greeted as usual.

He waved back politely and she began her journey to the main house which she’d often been to in the few weeks that she was working for Miss Olakitan.

The maid was already there to open the door for her and so she didn’t have enough time to adjust her hair which she was sure must make her look a sight.

“Good evening.” The girl greeted her

“Hello, good evening, is Miss Olakitan home?”

“She’ll be home anytime from now.” Mrs Olakitan interrupted politely and managed a smile which she wasn’t sure was forced or genuine.

“Good evening ma.” She greeted.

This was the second time she would be seeing the older woman. The first was when she’d been here with Kemi and now, she felt alone and squeamish under the woman’s gaze. Other times, she would just deliver the items Lara asked her to deliver and leave without seeing the woman. Now, it looked like they were about to have dinner.

Maybe it was her hair that made the woman look at her like she’d crawled up from a hole, or her inexpensive clothing?

“I might just come back and see Dad tomorrow Mum. I have loads of work sitting on my desk and if I don’t round up that thing today, I’m finished.” She heard a male voice and swallowed when she saw him appear beside his mother.

He glanced at her and waved “Hi.” turning his attention back to his mother.

And that was it. He didn’t even give her time to reply him and she didn’t know whether to feel worse or just hurry up and leave.

She watched him lean close to kiss his mother and she quickly spoke up. “I just wanted to drop this for my Boss and be on my way. I hope this is not a bad time.”

“Just drop it on the centre table.” The older woman responded sounding irritated like she was interrupting something important.

“Okay then.” She ensured the files were well contained within the folder and dropped it on the table. She hurriedly left the house and sighed when she stepped out.

Though she’d received a cold welcome compared to the last time, she told herself she wouldn’t let it disturb her. She had more important things to think about than mother and son acting like she was a bee making annoying sounds in their ears.


Nimi tried not to feel miserable that she had been standing at the bustop for more than 30minutes without a good and affordable bus to take her home. This was the problem of leaving the island at this time. It got crowded and it was expensive. It was either people were rushing and pushing or the buses were calling expensive rates. The money Lara had given her had been for the cab and nothing else. She had gotten this job so she could save up and not lavish it on bus drivers who willingly exploited passengers.

And her stomach growled out of hunger reminding her that she’d only had toast and tea that morning. Even lunch had been skipped and she had managed a roasted plantain and groundnut from the roadside which wasn’t providing satisfaction now that she kept thinking about it.

Her mum had called her already and she had texted she would be home soon. She couldn’t even afford to stand in the BRT all the way to Ketu or she was certain she would pass out.

“Oh dear God, please just make a way for me, you know how I need this.”

For a while, she kept standing hoping for a bus with a good price that would stop in front of her and she would rush in when a Nx 300h slowed towards where she was standing.

She shifted believing the ride was for someone in the crowd other than her till the windshield went down and she saw a friendly face smiling at her. Blinking back, it took her brain 5 seconds to process who it was, asking her to come in and if she would dare do such when reflex just went for the door and stepped in beside him.

Heaving a sigh of relief, she sank into the chair and tried to fix in her seat belt. It was when he drove off it dawned on her what she had just done

“Oh my goodness…” She raised her hands to her face.

He glanced at her. “What?”

She burst into laughter at her stupidity. “I didn’t even ask where you’re heading. I just flew in like a bird being chased.”

He joined her. “Or if I was even going to kidnap you in the first place.”

They both laughed again and this time, she reached to wipe the tears on her face. Tears of joy. “You don’t know how happy I am about this. It’s just God that provided it for me cos I was about to collapse on that pavement.”

“He sees our hearts I guess.”

She smiled and remained quiet for a while. “You could just drop me at the next bus stop since we are going different ways. I’m sure the crowd should be better there.”

“If you believe it’s God who sent me to take you home, then please allow me to take you home, that’s if home’s not far…”

She stared at him. ‘Uh, home is far and I’m not going to allow you stress yourself over me.”

“Where is home madam?”

She laughed at herself shaking her head. “Ketu. Happy now?”

“Then we’re going to Ketu. I thought you were sharing rooms with Kemi at the private hostel?”

“Yea, we’re on a little break and I just thought I should go home today. Today of all days. I already promised my mum so yea…”

“Have you had anything to eat?”

She shook her head dumbly.

“Me neither. I couldn’t wait for dinner at the house. We could stop at TFC and get something.”

Answered prayer! Her heart sang.

She felt her inner self dancing disco or whatever it was it could dance. She couldn’t do shakara with this one o.

Thou stomach, food is coming.

“Fine by me.”

He glanced at her again, smiling softly at her and she felt her heart skip a beat. It was a strange and unfamiliar feeling, the kind she’d never felt in her lifetime and something told her their friendship wouldn’t stop at dinner but much more.


Aisha’s face brightened the moment she set eyes on Soji and she went into his arms when he extended it. He stepped inside carrying her as she clung to him the way she usually did and for a while the two were lost in each other till Soji broke free and looked into her eyes.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. I always knew you would come back to me.” Her eyes pooled and she shook her head. “I think it’s the baby that’s making me to cry every single time. These days I just see someone or watch a movie and the next thing I’m doing, I’m picking a tissue.”

“It’s okay, you’ll be fine.”

She nodded believing him but there was something at the back of her mind that felt disturbing and she told herself she was going to ask him later when they got talking.

“I made your favorite dish for dinner except you’re in a hurry?”

“Not really, it’s just that I don’t intend spending the night here since I have to leave town tomorrow for a meeting but I wanted to see you first.”

She looked disappointed. “Oh okay.”

“C’mon I’ll be back sooner than you know it. Secondly, I was planning on breaking up with Lara but I don’t want her to find out this way.”

“Really? She still hasn’t given up on you has she?”

He sighed.

“I hope she realizes soon enough that she can’t always have what she wants the way she spends her father’s money. Humans are different from toys.”

“Have you heard anything from her?” Soji asked.

“I wouldn’t risk my life or that of my baby on seeing her. What do I even need to hear from her? That she was trying to commit suicide because of you? Don’t forget we’ve been friends for more than 10 years and I’m aware of her childish ways. Lara won’t kill herself for anybody, no pun intended. All she wants is the attention and people who can feed it to her like cerelac.”

“She really scared me the last time and I felt like I’ve come between the two of you.”

“Well our relationship was bound to end one way or the other. It’s sad it had to happen this way but…” She shrugged.

“I don’t think talking about Lara is the best thing I would like to do at the moment.” She reached for his hands and brought it to rest on her abdomen. “I want to talk about us and our baby. I have a feeling He’s going to look like you if he’s a boy.”

He grinned and leaned close to kiss her stroking her gently. “I’ve always wanted a boy.”

They were engrossed in each other till Soji mumbled. “Why don’t we have dinner and then we can continue where we left off.”

Aisha chuckled mischievously. “I’m sorry, I’ve really missed you so much that’s why I’m acting so…” winking at him, she stood up and he joined her. “Let me help out.” He explained sliding his arms around her as they headed into the kitchen. “I would advise you to take advantage of my skills now because of the baby.”

She laughed and headed towards the cupboards to fish out cutlery while he reached for the fridge bringing out a juice pack.

“Oh I almost forgot, I actually brought us something to celebrate. It’s wine but non alcoholic. Are you up for it or you would rather settle with juice?”

“I think I’d love to have a glass of wine for the both of us since it’s non alcoholic.”

“Great then, hold on a minute while I get to the car.”

“Alright Mr Romantic.”

Soji stepped out of the house heading for his car hoping he hadn’t given himself away and trying to work towards time as well. He had only a few minutes left to carry out his plan. Reaching for the bottle of wine which he’d bought on the way, he hurried back to the house thinking of the next action while Aisha had already brought out glasses for him to fill up.

He filled the glasses and raised his for a toast.

“To us, and our beautiful life together.”

“To us.” Aisha clinked her glass against his and sipped from hers while he joined her. He asked, “Have you seen my phone? I was going to show you a nice piece of jewelry I wanted to wear on valentine’s day.”

She beamed dropping her glass still filled with wine. “Is it not with you? I know you always carry your phone with you.”

“Maybe I left it in the living room, could you help me check while I look around here, or grab your phone for me and buzz mine so I can hear it ring.”

“Oh sure babe.” She left the kitchen immediately while within seconds, he reached for the drug in his pocket and spilled the contents into her drink. Stirring it to remove any sign of additional content, he set it back to where it was and pretended to keep searching for his phone which he’d purposely left beneath the couch.

“Have you found it?” He called out.

“I’m trying to flash it.” She responded. “Oh I can hear it ring, I think it’s somewhere around my couch.”

“Oh great.”

She returned and handed it back to him. “I’m sure it must have fallen off from my pocket or something…”

“Yea, thanks babe.” He unlocked it while she reached for her glass of wine and sipped some of the contents.

She grimaced at first and shrugged drinking in the rest though she didn’t finish it.

“Here’s what I wanted to show you.” He moved close to her and she saw a picture of a neck piece which was looking expensive and she gasped or thought she did when she felt herself yawn.

“It’s beautiful, Oh Soji, you would buy this for me?”

“Of course I would. The mother of my child deserves the most beautiful things money can buy.”

“Do you like it?” He asked.

She nodded and she began to feel dizzy.

“Are you alright?”

“I just feel weird…” She looked up at him and he could tell the effect of the drug was already taking its toll on her. She reached for him and it was like she knew what was going on with her at that moment because she suddenly couldn’t pull her weight and she suddenly felt her legs buckle underneath her.

When she finally sank into Soji’s arms, he carried her to the living room and reached for his phone calling a familiar number.

“It’s done. You can come in now.”

It took about 2 minutes for two young men to come into the apartment. The huge one carried her on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes while Soji emptied the glass of wine and everything else that might implicate him and closed the door behind him.

2 hours more and everything would come to be like it never happened. He heaved a sigh of relief as he drove off.


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