Beautiful Wings – 8

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Lara stared at Soji as he knelt before her with her hands locked in his because he refused to let go. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and really hoped it was some joke he’d planned together with their trip to Dubai in their 5 star hotel where they were at the moment. He’d bought her everything she asked for and showered her with love.

He’d reminded her of why she had fallen in love with him in the first place and his touches had made her come alive.

But the breaking news was nowhere close to sending sparks through her. It was like he’d stabbed her and was pleading with her that it wasn’t intentional.

She was currently bleeding inside. He’d hurt her that much.

She suddenly wished it was a bad dream she would wake up from, see him beside her sleeping peacefully and admitting that he would never do such a thing to her. He would kiss her and make love to her till she went back to sleep.

But it was real, and Soji had tears in his eyes this time.

She felt time had stopped and her world was spinning and she wasn’t strong enough to stand as she would slip anytime.

“Lara.., baby…”

She blinked and looked away trying to force her hands away from his but he wouldn’t let her.

“Baby please don’t do this to me…, this is killing me already…”

She snapped, eyes turned red.”And what about me Soji?! What were you thinking when you were sleeping with my best friend. Oh, let me not call her that anymore.” She uttered a foul word lacing her words with heavy suggestive curses as she described what the two of them had done behind her.

“It was a mistake…, I swear baby.., Aisha was just trying to ruin what we have, what if it’s not my baby…”

“Oh shove your swearing life into your mouth Soji!” She placed a hand against her throbing temples and stood up pacing the room. She looked like a woman wrestling with rage he couldn’t fathom and he wondered why he’d listened to his mother about telling her the truth. “Can you swear on your life that Aisha is not carrying your baby? Are you willing to go to the doctor and do a DNA test?”

He sobered and bowed his head.

Her hand cracked across his face again and again till she broke into tears and he held her begging her once more.
“How could you do this to me Soji, how could you! After all I’ve done for you, after all we’ve been through together. How could you even think of betraying me in such a way. What have I ever done to you for you to hurt me so much!!”

“I was wrong and I’m sorry baby. Please forgive me.”

She shook her head wanting to break free from his grip. “Just leave me alone.”

He went on his knees again. “Look baby, I’m willing to fight for us and nothing can come between us. I would never lie to you, I won’t let anyone or anything come between us. Aisha and her baby can go to hell for all I care. You’re the one I belong to, you’re the one I want to have my kids with, the one I want sleeping beside me and waking beside me every morning. I was wrong, I did you wrong and I’ll never forgive myself for hurting you so much. But right now baby, I need you to forgive me so I can live with myself. I need you to tell me you still love me.”

She shook her head. “You don’t love me Soji…”

“Who am I here with baby? Is it Aisha? Who am I getting married to in a few months time, is it you or Aisha?” He reached for her face, wiping her tears away noticing she was beginning to soften towards him. He leaned close to kiss her and though she resisted him and tried to fight him away, he succeeded in kissing her till she wrapped her hands around him.

When he broke free, he cupped her face in his hands. “I’ll do anything for you baby.”

Lara looked into his eyes and smiled softly, kissing him again. She had found hope in his words and she allowed him relish the thought of being with her before she broke free from his kiss and asked him.

“Are you really willing to do anything for me, to fight for us?”

He nodded wanting to kiss her again but she placed a finger on his lips. She’d been waiting for this moment. The moment to pay back her arch enemy for what she’d done to her.

“People will talk about Aisha and her baby Soji…”

He reached to nuzzle her neck and she allowed him pretending to be carried away.


“We can’t let that happen.”

He stopped to look at her. “I’ve told her to abort it but she wouldn’t listen to me.”

Lara smiled again. Her fiancee must have been very stupid to think Aisha would listen to him and voluntarily abort a child she’d had with him. If there was anything she wanted to do, she wanted to drag her name in the mud and media.

But she wasn’t going to let that happen. No one soiled a Kitan’s name that way, most especially her reputation.

“People are willing to listen to news when a woman has proof of what she’s talking about.” She stroked his chin playfully. “Remove every form of evidence she has and all we have is an attention starved woman who will do anything to get in the news.”

Soji narrowed his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s your seed Soji, find a way to get rid of it.”

“But I just told you…”

“Oh I’m not stupid and stop acting like you don’t understand what I mean.” She rolled her eyes and pushed him away. Strolling to her dressing table, she settled down comfortably pretending to pay close attention to a spot on her face while she surreptitiously glanced at him. She knew she was fighting for composure and any sign of vulnerability she showed, he would jump on it but she wasn’t going to allow him see how she was shaking underneath her robe.

Her conscience screamed at her already aware of her devilish thoughts, hoping to bring the only form of sanity into her by reminding her of her brother whom she loved so much. The only light in her life at the moment.

Lara, what are you thinking? Don’t do this…Dapo will hate you for this!

Well, he had his own share of life during his time. I’ll have mine and I bet he’ll understand.

She pushed conscience away and continued. “You have a choice Soji. You can marry Aisha and you two will live happily ever after with your baby boy or girl, whatever it is that comes out from her. But I’m not marrying a man who isn’t man enough to clean up his dirty business. I’ve been a good woman by accepting you back into my life even when I know how much you’ve betrayed me, but it’s your turn to play a part.”

He sighed and ran a hand on his head. “Lara, are you suggesting I find a way to terminate the pregnancy?”

She shrugged. “Aisha won’t come to see me or any of my friends. The only person she supposedly trust is you whom she wants to keep for herself. There are ways you can make it easy on her. If she isn’t far gone as you’ve told me, except you lied and she’s like 6 months pregnant already…”

“God forbid.” His eyes stared back at her in horror. “I would never do that to you. I told you whatever happened between us was a fling and nothing else.”

She smiled because she’d gotten the response she wanted. Those words alone should be enough to make him try to prove that he wasn’t lying to her.

Looking at him through the mirror she saw him battle with his thoughts and was tempted to pump the air with satisfaction that she was getting through to him. She had to and she was going to do everything within her power to get through. Let the backstabbing slut suffer for all the things she had made her go through, all the pain she caused her, all the night she spent in another woman’s fiance’s arms not thinking of her, every minute and each hour they had spent together had been like the knife driving through her.

It was time for Aisha to feel the pain too. This time, she was going to make it visible.

There would be blood, and that blood would be hers and that of her child.

She turned to look at Soji and went up to meet him. He stared at her for a long time and she knew he was still battling with his thoughts. She pretended to make it easy for him glad that she had mastered the art of manipulation and knew how to wield its sword to her advantage.

“I could always leave your life. Tell my parents it didn’t work out between us.” She sighed and was about walking away from him when he stopped her and swung her into his arms.

“I told you I was going to fight for us.” He leaned closer to her, his smile matching hers. “And I meant every word.”

“I love you.” She managed to mumble before he kissed her again.


It was like every other day when Soji decided to call Aisha, except he didn’t want to think of the consequences of what he was about to do. He wasn’t going to tell his mother anything about it, neither was he ready to think twice about it.

He’d promised Lara that he would do the right thing and that right thing was fighting for them, gaining back her trust.

He wasn’t ready to go back to his former life, neither was he ready to stick with Aisha. The girl had nothing to offer him and she might be more of a liability than an asset to him. When it came to them, it had only been attraction, nothing else. Lara had been with him all through and he was ready to prove that he loved her and wanted to have her in his life.

It was just an abortion and since she wasn’t far gone…, hopefully there was no harm done. He tried to remember how long they’d been having an affair and he knew it was more than 6 months they’d been sleeping together though Aisha had only delivered the news to him last week and she confirmed that she was only a few weeks pregnant.

He sighed heavily. Lara couldn’t know they’d been together for more than 6 months and hopefully let it be that Aisha wasn’t more than a month.

Oh god please let it not be far gone so this can go smoothly.

He assured himself once again that whatever it was, he was going to go through with the plan. There was no big deal about it. He wasn’t having kids with any other woman asides Lara and that was it. Anything else could be gotten rid of.

Aisha didn’t pick on the first ring and his heart skipped a beat. What if she had started talking about it to her friends?

What if it got on twitter or facebook or some social media already? What if she had told her parents about it already? He’d called the doctor Lara referred him to and made arrangements. It would take about an hour or two, they would tidy up the mess and he would return her back to her house.

As simple as that.

No he couldn’t let her have told anyone about it. He had to do it fast.

He called again and this time she picked. Her voice sounded distant.

“Aisha? Are you alright?” He was genuinely worried about her.

“Soj? Is that you?”

“Yea.., it’s me. Where are you?”

“Oh I was starting to think you would never call me again.” She giggled and he suddenly got irritated though he didn’t make it obvious.

“Where are you?”

“I went to Abuja to see some of my cousins and I wanted life away from the drama going on in Lagos. Why? Do you want to see me?”

“Yes I would love to see you. When are you due to come back?”

“I was thinking of flying over first thing tomorrow morning. My leave is almost due and I need to resume before I start telling them about my maternity leave.”

“Oh that would be great then. I’ve missed you and I’m really sorry about the other time when I yelled at you. Everything was happening so fast and I didn’t know what else to do.”

He could hear her little laugh. “It’s okay Soj. You know I would always love you irrespective of what happens between us and what Lara feels. Now that you mentioned it, I feel like taking the next flight already.”

“Don’t worry dear, tomorrow is fine, and don’t stress the little one.”

“I won’t.”

“So later dear. I’ll buzz you tomorrow and we can meet at your place say 7pm?”

“7pm is fine baby.”

“Okay then. Bye.”

“Bye. Kisses.”

When he hung up, he closed his eyes and sighed heavily hoping that everything would go as planned.

Much love. xo!

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  1. HISPLATFORMID (@Mikeal)


    Great setup, nice grammatical make-up n brillant spice up of affections between lover birds who wouldn’t give up until their desires are taken up to the next level, irrespective of the consequences that would show up

    Keep it up!

    Look forward to reading the continuation of this beautiful piece(story-9)

    1. Pelumi Hadassah (@PelumiHadassah)

      Your comment is surely encouraging !


  2. Abiona Alli (@abionaalli)

    Great job on the series so far. For me to have read episodes 5 to 8 at a sitting tonight, it means you got me hooked! I think I’m going to have to comment on the first 4 episodes as well.

    I pity Aisha though. She should have been more circumspect. She allowed her resentment get the better of her. She should have counted the cost of turning against her best friend.

    1. Pelumi Hadassah (@PelumiHadassah)

      That’s the whole idea —–To get you hooked. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Aisha.

      Thanks for taking time out to read and comment

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    Nice work.

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    I’ve read a lot of stories here but this one still standout for me and it’s even yet to be completed. You’re doing a good job. Thumps up!

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