You Like Me?

You Like Me?

I’ve seen many like you,
Tall broad, feline, crafty, stealth, and fine hue.
But from a distance, in my hard molded shell.
It’s way by me to find emotions, and tell.

I’ve seen many like you,
You have it all, money, fame, beauty, it’s all true.
Oh but never in proximity, I’ve wondered what’s my err.
To have me espying you there.

I’ve always been safe, safe, safe, and safe.
No strings attached don’t accost me,
Might have been fine.
Hope’s grace don’t way lay me, might as well speak up!

Nobody ever has, well a few
Nobody ever cared, this time it’s God’s truth.
Some where between finding myself, I found you!

Well I’m confused a little,
You like me?

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