The White Stallion Story By Dindy

The White Stallion Story By Dindy

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A long long long time ago, in a land where grasses were extremely green and the trees fully blessed with unlimited nutrient. The land was full of life and beauty, streams flowed continuously without no drought.
The land was called “OGLOW” and was so blessed that at night angels came down from the high, to walk on it. Everything in the land of Oglow was at its stable state.
The land was home to various kind of animals and plants, animals of different sharps and sizes, plants both unknown and know.
The land wasn’t like other lands with dangerous predictors, it was a land of peace and pure good. The land was owned by horses and some other little animals.
The horses raced and played, up and down the land, loving every single moment of the beautiful land.
They had no king that ruled them, but deep down inside, some of the older horses knew that some day they will have to pick a king to guide them to another place.
A day came when everything changed, a deadly beast came from an unknown place, to rule the land of Oglow and caused death and pains to the animals inhabited in the beautiful land of Oglow.
The beast was fear by every animal in the land because of its dangerous looking appearance.
The beast was called Tiger and it’s hunger was only for the horses.
It killed the horses in numbers, reducing them not only in numbers, but in courage and strength to face it.
The land of Oglow turned into a place of fear for every single animal, most especially the horses who were the main target of the tiger.
The once faithful land of Oglow became a land of fear and torment. The land became a cursed land and peace was at its grave.
The tiger became the king of Oglow land, controlling everything in the land. It had its own domain where no animal could come close to.
It had been three years since the tiger came and established its rain, and ruled over the animals of Oglow land. Things were becoming worst for the animals, most especially the horses.
Trees, grasses, flowers and streams began to reduce in both number and nutrient. The land was slowly dying away because of the tiger and the things it did (killing).
The horses couldn’t fight back because they were frightened by the tiger and were too weak at heart to fight.
There came a day, a pregnant female horse gave birth to a beautiful pure white horse.
The white horse was so beautiful and so pure, that animals, trees, flowers, and streams danced to the existence of it.
The horses were all happy seeing for the first time in their lives, a pure white creature like them. The presence of the white horse lifted up the spirit of Oglow land and it also attracted the tiger.
The presence of the white horse was so powerful, that it brought up a smile in the clouds and soils.
Days later after the birth of the white horse, the tiger began to trace it, to find it and eat of its fresh meat.
In no time, the tiger spotted the white horse moving along with the herd of horses, they stopped then began to eat of grasses. The tiger slowly crawled through the tall bushes making sure it didn’t make a single sound.
Bit by bit, it got closer to the white horse where it stood with its mum, who was busy taking a bite off a grass.
Immediately the tiger was close enough, it jumped high into the air to pounce on the little white horse, but its mum saw the tiger on time, then blocked it and became the victim.
On seeing the event, other horses ran including the little white horse in fear.
The tiger’s bite was heavy and hard on the horse’s neck making tears run down her eyes in pain. She couldn’t scream nor make even the smallest snort sound.
She had given up herself, for her son to survive (LOVE OF A MOTHER). A smile came on her face as she saw her son running far away –The JOY OF A MOTHER IS TO SEE HER KIDS MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE–.
The tiger closed its teeth more, causing serious damage to her and stopping blood flow to her brain, killing her instantly.
When the tiger saw she was dead, he opened up its mouth leaving her neck. The tiger then looked around, looking for the little white horse, but could find it no where.
The tiger dragged her dead body to a corner and eat her, refilling its stomach but not its heart which was still hungry for the white horse.
The little white horse ran in confusing, loosing track of where it was running to, it ran far away from its herd not fully know. It ran much in fear and confusion than in track navigation.
It got to a point when the little white horse ran to a dead end without knowing, it ran and fell from the edge of the road.
It fell from the high edge and landed into a flowing river which had sharp stones in it. The river carried the little white horse hitting it again stones.
The river carried the little white horse far away from the land of Oglow, until they got to another dead end (water fall). The little white horse tried fighting, but it was no use because the current of the river was heavy and more powerful than it.
The little white horse fell from the top of the water fall and landed at the bottom of it (water fall), almost drowning.
The little white horse rose after it had fell and was floating on the surface of the river. The river gently carried the little white horse and left it at the edge of the river shore.
………..A DAYS LATER…………
The little white horse laid hopeless in pain and hunger, it hadn’t tasted of milk which was its only meal as an infant.
A young boy who was passing by, noticed a figure that looked like a horse. At first he was afraid because he had never seen such a white beautiful horse in his young life.
He gathered up courage and went to see the creature that took a horse figure. As he got closer and closer to it, his heart raced not for fear, but for the beauty he was beholding little by little.
When he got close enough, his heart became overwhelmed by what his eyes saw, he immediately fell in love with the white horse.
The little white horse noticed the presence of a living creature, so it slowly opened up its eyes, out of curiosity to know what creature it was.
Immediately, both their eyes met each other and a bond was created from soul to soul. It was a bond that could not be explained by anyone or anything, it was the strongest bond of life.
Oglow land was now a land of death and pain, blood of animals stained the land destroying the beauty of the land more and more.
The tiger was now more wicked than ever, killing everything that stood in its path.
Animals could no more walk freely on the land of Oglow because of the fear they had in them. The fishes in the streams were also fear of the tiger.
The numbers of the animals kept on reducing in size, the birds flu away from the land because of fear of being killed by the tiger.
The land of Oglow which was once full of happy sounds, was now a land with the silence of a grave yield.
The once little white horse had grown into a beautiful young male horse and was loved by every single living person in the village. The boy also had grown into a teenager.
His name was kenthen and he was the only son of his parents, his dad was the king to the village and mum was the queen.
Kenthen named the young white male horse after him, he named the white horse “KEN”.
Time after time kenthen and Ken (the white horse) would go on adventures, looking and searching for new things to find, until one day they ended up taking a path that led to the stream where Kenthen found Ken (the white horse).
At first when they got there, Ken (the white horse) couldn’t remember ever being there, until kenthen told him about how he found him.
After Ken (the white horse) heard what kenthen said, his memory flashed back to his past, and he remembered every single little thing that happened to him. His heart quaked in pain and despair, killing every happy feeling in him.
They immediately left there when kenthen noticed the attitude of Ken (the white horse). Ken (the white horse) left that place not being the same anymore, his heart seek for revenge for the death of his mum.
……..4 YEARS LATER…….
Ken (the white horse) had grown more stronger than ever and beauty was of that of the sky and galaxy above, his speed was out standing and endurance beyond the comprehension of human belief.
Kenthen too had grown into a young handsome prince with lovely eyes. Kenthen and Ken bond grew stronger than ever, they were like two brothers from the same womb of life (Nature).
Kenthen did training with Ken (the white horse) on how to fight, making both of them become the best at it.
Things were going cool and good until one night, when Ken (the white horse) was no more able to endure the anger and pain he felt inside.
Ken (the white horse) couldn’t stay any longer because deep down he knew that the only person that could bring peace back to the land of Oglow was him and no other.
Ken (the white horse) got up from where he sat and went to meet Kenthen in his room. When he got there Kenthen was sleeping so he licked the face of Kenthen, waking him up.
Kenthen wake up with a dizzy eyes and to his surprise, his eyes beheld Ken (the white horse).
Kenthen got confused, but then Ken (the white horse) tried explaining to Kenthen with his movement that he wanted to go. Kenthen who understood what Ken (the white horse) told him, quickly fell into deep tears as he hug him with a heavy heart.
Kenthen told Ken (the white horse) good bye, so did Ken (the white horse) in his own way. Ken (the white horse) then left for the journey back to the land of Oglow.
Ken (the white horse) ran back to the stream where Kenthen took him to years ago, he knew within himself that the only way for him to find his way back to his land, was to follow the stream backwards from where it came from.
Ken (the white horse) then crossed the river to the other side, so that he could climb up the hill.
After he climbed up the hill, he looked around breathing in enough air to propel him for his long journey back to the land of Oglow.
After running through sand, water and dust, he got to the land of Oglow. When he got there, he went to the place where his mum was killed.
He looked around but couldn’t find her body nor bones, so he walked a little bite further and found her bones half way buried into the ground.
He looked at her and tears came down his eyes, in pain he whinnied loudly attracting every single animal in the land of oglow, including the deadly tiger who was now bigger.
The tiger came out its den and roared too, making every animal that came out, run back inside their houses in fear.
Ken (the white horse) knowing that it was the tiger ran towards the place the roar came from.
The tiger too also knowing that it was the white horse that escaped its pleasure years ago ran proudly towards the side he heard the whinny.
They both met at the central of Oglow land, where little sunlight reflected.
They started looking at themselves, intimidating one another, then the fight started.
The tiger jumped up to pounce on the white horse (Ken).
The white horse (Ken) on seeing what the tiger did, quickly turned its back and then used its hooves to hit the tiger’s mouth, causing the tiger to fall backwards with a broken tooth.
The tiger looked on the ground and saw its sharp tooth on the ground. It got angered and ran straight for a direct attack to the white horse (Ken).
The white horse (Ken) on seeing what the tiger was about to do again, tried to dodge the tiger, but the tiger moved earlier than the white horse (Ken) moved, making the tiger able to injure the white horse (Ken) with its left claws.
The scratch caused by the tiger on the white horse (Ken) was deep, which made blood come out Ken’s (the white horse) right side.
Ken knew he had to defeat the tiger, but not in that way, so he began to run making the tiger think he was afraid. The tiger ran behind him, but couldn’t catch him.
Ken ran until he got to the edge of the same road he fell from when he was small. He stopped then turned to the tiger who was already standing behind him waiting to pounce on him.
The tiger looked at Ken knowing that he had no where to ran to, then ran towards Ken, with its jaw wide open.
Ken on seeing the tiger coming, quickly jumped high up over the tiger, making the tiger slide off the edge of the road.
The tiger didn’t fall completely, its right claw hanged onto the edge of the road. Ken turned and walked up to see the tiger’s face.
The tiger was struggling with its last strength not to fall. Ken looked at the tiger, then raised his left leg to step on the tiger’s right claw so that it would fall from the edge.
As Ken raised his left leg, the tiger quickly used its last strength to pull itself upwards, then used its left claw to pull Ken on his right leg.
They both fell down into the river that Ken fell into, when he was little.
The tiger wasn’t such a good swimmer, but Ken was and was able to fight the strong current that pulled them to the edge of the river.
The tiger quickly held Ken on one of his back legs because it didn’t want to be carried by the river’s current. Ken struggled in pain, which was inflicted on him by the tiger’s claws.
Ken then used his other back leg to kick the tiger on its forehead, causing the tiger to loose its grip on Ken’s leg and free flow far down the river.
The tiger tried swimming away from the edge of the river, but the current was stronger than it, so it ended up falling from the top of the waterfall to the bottom.
the tiger’s head landed on a hard rock, causing instant death.
Ken who was stronger than the river’s current, swam to the banks of the river slowly.
Ken climbed up to the highest hill, where the once living tiger’s den was, then whinnied with all his strength, awakening every animal that hid in fear.
He stood on the hill like a strong white horse, not an ordinary white horse but a WHITE STALLION HORSE because he had defeated the tiger.
The land of Oglow was brought back to its normal beautiful state, joy and peace came back to the land, but the marks of deaths, pains, and sorrows still existed.
Every single horse looked up to Ken as the learner of the herd because he had defeated the tiger. Ken was crowned as the king of horses.
Ken couldn’t stay in the land of Oglow any more because of the bad memories it brought, not only to him but to other horses.
He had to take them away from the land of Oglow, into another land where they could find settlement and peace.
He called on them all and they responded, he then led the way out of the land of Oglow and they all followed him without questioning him.
They left the land of Oglow leaving sorrow, pain and death all in their past, focusing on a greener future filled with peace love and hopes all together.
…….2 DAYS LATER…….
Kenthen was standing out side looking into the clouds, when suddenly he saw a pure white figure that looked like Ken from afar.
He quickly ran towards where the figure was coming from, to his surprise he saw Ken and other horses coming.
Ken saw Kenthen and started racing with joy to meet Kenthen, so did Kenthen raced in joy to meet Ken.
They both hug themselves in joy and happiness.
Kenthen became the king of the village and was expecting a baby.
Ken had two little horses with the same pure white skin as him. Both Kenthen and Ken were kings, and they rules their people well.
Peace and stability filled the village, love and joy was everywhere.
They all lived happily ever after…..
Always fight for what you believe in.
Never back down from a fight that will set you free.
Believe in yourself and you will be a white stallion.
You will never be known until you defeat the beast that holds you in fear.
Never let fear tie you down.
Always stand strong like the white stallion.
Build yourself in such a way that no one will be able to take you down.
I hope you guys learnt from this story, now before I end it all up, I have something to say.
I know most of you might wonder why I never called the horse white stallion from the beginning, well let me explain.
A white stallion can never be called a white stallion, until its endurance and strength is tested. The white horse became the white stallion when it defeated the tiger.
So this is to all my fans out there, you can never become what you’re ought to be, if you don’t defect the fear, shame, anger, hate, pain and laziness you feel.
Learn to break from your circles of fear, shame, anger, hate, pain and laziness.
Learn to set yourself free from all of that.
Learn to lift and drop the load off your heart and head.
learn to be outstanding.
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  1. Jon Doe (@just2day)

    I might not agree with your lessons after “THE END” but i did enjoy your story. When i was little i loved reading ‘the tale of Redwall’ books due to the animals being the story so this was easily a fun read.

    shapes not sharps
    predators not predictors
    feared not fear (fear by every animal…)
    its not it’s (it’s hunger was only…)
    reign not rain
    worse not worst
    maybe; track not trace
    nowhere not no where
    ate not eat
    confusion not confusing
    losing not loosing
    against not again
    DAY not DAYS
    lay not laid
    flew not flu
    yard not yield
    sought not seek
    outstanding not ‘out standing’
    bit not bite (a little bite further)
    ‘nowhere to run to’ not ‘no where to ran to’
    hung not hanged
    maybe; leader not learner
    rule not rules

    will look out for your next work

  2. Dindy (@Dindy)

    Thanks alot for correcting me…… know it’s not that easy when you handle all the works on your own
    Will improve more…..thanks again 😊👍

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