The Harvest Season (3)

Akunna had just relieved herself of the hot liquid which had almost got her bladders bursting, and was tidying up in the bathroom when he tickled her from behind. Akunna jumped in fright and turned to find that it was he, then she eyed him playfully and feigned a frown.

“Did you lose your way or something? What are you doing here in the ladies’ quarters?” she questioned.

“What do you mean? Am I not a maid?” he maintained a serious countenance even at his joke.

“You must be crazy, Ikemefuna, you must be really-”

His soft lips had cut her short as they had swiftly taken in her upper lip. Aku had tried to push him away but her strength was no match to his, plus, she really did not want him to leave. Ikemefuna wrapped his muscular arms around her, and her fingers dug into his bare back as their lips sucked passionately in an erotic wet kiss. They made love.

Such was the situation of things in the royal palace of Obodoike kingdom since the loss of Adaeze’s presence. The maids pretended to be downcast in the light as did the guards, but in reality, it was their most enjoyable moment in the palace. It was the fourth day since the seven warriors left and there was neither any news about Adaeze nor about the warriors. The king did nothing other than pace about in his living room all day with his hands akimbo, while the queen sat helplessly and powerlessly on the royal mat, her face heavy with grief and scarred with tear tracks, and her body pale with voluntary starvation. The Obodoike palace had gone chaotic and pandemonium-stricken; it had been greeted with fear at its maximum.

Ikemefuna was done with Adaeze in a matter of minutes and was heading back to his post when the gate guards came running with the news that the Chief Priest was around. Ikemefuna had gone to see, and there he was, sitting on the floor in the center of the spacious palace compound, his legs folded in a style that formed an ‘x’, and his eyes gazing into the distance. Ikemefuna sensed that something was wrong. He rushed inside to inform the king who in turned immediately rushed out to hear what message was in store for the land. But the burning stare which the priest had shot at him almost threw him off balance.

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