Doris Adventure to Lagos

I’m Doris a married lady from Alabama US; I turned just 40 last week and I celebrated my birthday in a grand style. It was an experience I will live to always remember, I was able to fulfill my long standing sexual fantasy with Chinedu. I have been chatting online with Chinedu for the past … Continue reading Doris Adventure to Lagos

The Other Side Of Silence

The lecture hall was packed to the brim with students, and the number of people standing exceeded the number of people sitting, the lecturer’s tiny voice was not helping matters, Jane from where she was sitting on the sixth row of chairs had a difficult time hearing the lecture. Some students have given up hope … Continue reading The Other Side Of Silence

Christmas: Celebrating The King That Never Ruled…

Christmas: Celebrating The King That Never Ruled…

CHRISTMAS: CELEBRATING THE KING THAT NEVER RULED… ‘Jesus Christ our king of glory is the reason for the season…’ This was the declaraation of a pastor friend of mine about Christmas. True. Away from the hallmark revelry of many during Christmas, I believe the message and person of Jesus should take precedence in the celebration. … Continue reading Christmas: Celebrating The King That Never Ruled…

The Beggars’ Den

  Walking or driving down the streets of Lagos, it’s no longer a strange trend to see beggars parade themselves in search of alms. In response to their most times very compelling cry, sympathizers hand them different denominations of the Naira but this however doesn’t stop them from calling out to the very next passerby. … Continue reading The Beggars’ Den

Beautiful Wing – 7

“I like this place, I think I would like to come here often.” Dapo commented half-way into his meal. Lara had chosen one of the most exotic restaurants on the island for lunch and though it was more of his sister’s taste and choice, he was pleased with it. “With bae?” He pretended to roll … Continue reading Beautiful Wing – 7