‘this is it!…this is finally it!…’

I thought to myself as i stepped into the huge company…everyone made way for me as i walked to my newly acquired office…I felt like a bride walking down the aisle… everyone’s eyes and attention on me.

I was almost at the door…continued walking and enjoying everyone’s admiring gaze fixed on me. every move i made was slow motioned as my glossy hair moved side ways while i walked.


squeak!…the heel at the bottom of my shoe gave way…snap!…the band tied to my ankles holding my six inch heels to my feet tore apart .

I felt myself tumbling,falling to the cold hard floor just before i had my hands wrapped around the door knob .

The gasps coming from my ex-admirers were so loud and clear. I looked up and found them staring at me with ugly snarls on their lips. Just before i cowered and covered my face with my palms, I felt a splash of water…right on my face.

“get up…get on your feet now!”

wait…that voice sounds really familiar.

“kofo!…wake up!” the annoying voice said again.

Ehis?…what was Ehis doing in my dream?

“kofoworola!…wake the hell up!!”

i felt more water being splashed on my face…seriously?.

My eyelids flew open but closed back immediately as droplets of water hanging from my eyelashes got into my eyes hurting them. I blinked rapidly and tried opening my eyes again and found my flat mate holding a bowl of water, arms poised just ready to pour its content right on my face and already wet body.

i hissed “what…what are you doing now?” i muttered and jumped out of my bed. I dashed to my bathroom aware of Ehis following me as she talked

“well you wouldn’t wake up now…i wouldn’t let u…” i slammed the door on her face just before she could get into the bathroom or even complete her sentence.

I heard her hiss loudly as she got out of my room and closed my bedroom door with more force than necessary.

“break the door o…you hear?” i said loud enough for her to hear but got no reply.

I snickered as i brushed my teeth. I got out of my wet clothes…thanks to Ehis and got into dryer ones.

since i wasn’t allowed to sleep in a house where i pay half the rent…i got out of my room to meet Ehis the dream crusher. I shook my head.

what was wrong with her?.

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  1. Jon Doe (@just2day)

    Intriguing start, curious where you go from here


    Since you can’t make corrections on this maybe take more time proof reading your chapter 2 before posting

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