I miss you mum (last episode 10) story by Dindy

I miss you mum (last episode 10) story by Dindy

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I stood under the shower which was already on. Water came down on me.
I stood there for quite a while, after my flashbacks.
“Neil Neil, come out from the bathroom, I wanna bath”, said my little bro. My little bro was now 5 going to 6, and his annoying attitude had increased.
I said nothing to him, I just looked at the door while I scrubbed my body with a sponge and bathing soap.
I started feeling cold as i bath, so I had to wash down fast. After washing down, I took my toothbrush which was on the “Wall of toothbrush” –we keep both toothbrushes and toothpaste there and it was my mum that came up with the idea and name “Wall of toothbrush”–.
I applied the toothpaste to my brush, then I began to brush my teeth slowly. After I was done with washing down and brushing my teeth, I took the towel I hung on the cotton and tied it around my waist.
When I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw the stubborn brat (my little bro).
“[Childishly] bro Neil you took so much time in the bathroom and now the time is 6.20. The school bus will soon be here”, he said –we changed school after my mum’s death)–.
I didn’t say a single word, but in my mind I was like “See this small boy talking anyhow. You are lucky that I don’t have your time today”.
I placed my two hands on my shoulders in a “X” form because I was kinda feeling cold, then i walked back to my room.
On getting to my room, I met my old man (dad). He was going to my room to drop or give or probably tell me something very important.
“Neil, we are expecting a visitor today”, he said.
“Who’s the visitor?”, I asked.
“If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise or would it?”, he asked.
“No sir, it won’t”, I replied.
“Then wait until the visitor comes and here, take this money for your needs”, he said.
When I saw the cash, I became warm, the cold I felt left me instantly.
“Oh thanks dad”, I said in a joyful tone.
He walked back to his room, while I counted the cash he gave me.
“Wow, dad gave me five thousand naira”, i said to myself, as i smiled walking into my room.
“This is unbelievable, dad gave me 5000 naira just for me to take care of my needs”, I said to myself sitting on my bed.
“This is great, now all the things I wanna buy will be bought with this money” I said.
Since the death of my mum, my dad shower’s me with love all the time, although he acts strict sometimes, due to anger and some other things, but he still loves me more than ever.
I sat on my bed, looking at the money, when I heard the school bus horning, I looked at the time and it was 7.05am.
“Jesus, I’m dead!”, I shouted.
“How did the time fly so fast, maybe I didn’t keep track of time when I was brushing and talking to my dad”, I said with disbelief in my mind.
I quickly dropped the money inside my bag, then I took out my uniform from my closest and wore it quickly. My books were scattered on my table –I read at night and forgot to arrange my books back in my bag–.
The school bus horned again, then I looked out the window and saw my little bro going inside the bus.
“Oh poo, how did this boy bath so quickly and dressed up so fast, under a few minutes. The bus will leave me here, damn!”, I said to myself.
The bus driver, pushed the bus’s horn again.
“The bus will surely leave and I will have to transport myself to school, it won’t be nice because of the traffic I would face”, I said to myself.
I went to get my bag from where I hung it, then I went to my table and pushed all my books plus pen into my bag. My belt and white socks, where already on my bed waiting for me to pick them up, while my shoes where beside the door’s entrance of my room.
I moved like the wind, as i walked passed my bed, my right hand scooped down to pick up my belt and socks, then I made my next move to the door.
When I got to the door, I hung both my belt and socks on my shoulder, then bent down with my left hand on the door handle. My right hand picked up my shoe.
Immediately I stood up, i moved my left hand downwards and turned the handle of my door with forceful speed.
The horn sounded again.
“Oh! poo!”, I said as I ran off.
I jumped down the stairs (no time for walking), then ran to the parlour. On getting there, I met my aunty.
“Neil wait, take your money for school”, she said.
I stoped and she gave me the money. I heard the school bus engine rolling. Without any excitation, I ran off to meet the school bus.
The bus was out side my area, so I ran to catch up with the bus.
When i got outside my area, I ran to the side of the bus, close to the driver’s side.
“Wait wait wait for me!!!”, I shouted.
Luckily for me, the bus driver knew me very well. He stoped for me –I guess he saw me with the side mirror–, then opened the bus’s door.
“Junior, what took you so long?”, he asked.
“I am sorry sir, I didn’t keep track of time”, I replied.
“Ok, come in”, he said.
I walked into the bus, like an holy angel with my shoes, socks and belt on my hand and shoulder. When I got inside, I sat down gently and began to wear my belt, shoe and socks.
Later in the evening that same day, while I was still in school, my mind went back to what my dad said to me, in the morning about a visitor.
“But why didn’t he just tell me the visitor’s name?”, I asked myself aloud without noticing.
“Junior are you ok? why are you talking to yourself”, said one of my school friends.
“Guy nothing, I was just thinking of something”, I replied looking at his face.
“Ok, just know that madness begins like that”, he said.
I laughed, then said “Dude you’re not serious at all, crazy boy”.
Time came for us to go home, but something happened. A senior boy in SSS 3 was caught smoking in the toilet, so the principle called us out to the assembly ground.
The boy’s name was Kelly, he was one of the school’s bad boys. He always gets into trouble and ends up escaping, but that day his luck ran out of sight for him.
We all were at the assembly ground murmuring, when the principle came with Kelly. Kelly walked behind the principle like a prisoner who had been jailed for years.
When we saw the principle, we all kept quite.
“I’m sure you guys know Kelly”, he said.
“Yes sir!!!”, we all replied with a very loud voice.
“Well, he has broken the school’s law again, but this time he won’t escape. He will be expelled from this school”, he said.
Mr Segun (Our head teacher) came with a cain in his hand, Kelly was flogged 12 times on his back. Some students laughed at him, some where just talking about how he did what he did and how he was caught.
After mr Segun flogged Kelly, the principle said “[Angrily] Now kelly take your bag and leave this school. We have tried to change you, but since you have proven to us that you’re a useless kid, then we’re no more interested in changing you or your foolish and bad behaviour.”
“From now hence forth, you are no more a student of this great school, now leave this school!!”, he ordered with an angry bold voice.
kelly took his bag, which was lying on the ground looking dirty, like a mechanic’s cloth. Kelly walked slowly to the school’s gate, with his head bent down in disgrace.
We all looked at him, some did murmur and some were laughing. After he left my principle made a statement.
“I hope you guys have learnt from his mistake, never you follow bad group or else you will live to regret it in life”, he said.
“Kelly was one of our bright student, he was the top and the best, but since he joined bad boys, his life turned to something else”, he said.
“Now let this stand as a warning to all you bad and unlawful student in this school, the day you will be caught doing things against the school’s law, you will be expelled”, he said
“Now you guys can go home”, he said.
We all moved out of the assembly ground, with some student talking about Kelly and his behaviours.
I went to where the school bus was packed and I entered. I saw where my little bro sat, so went to sit beside him.
Minutes later, more student came in and the bus became full, then we left.
After 30mins of siting in the school bus, i got home hoping to meet the visitor. When I went in, I met my greatest surprise, I saw my sweet little sister.
–Since my mum’s death, my little sister was taken away from us because my mum’s people believe that my dad won’t properly take good care of her.–
She had already grown so much (she was two going to three), her face, her hair and her smile was just like my mum’s.
I couldn’t hold my joy inside too much, my face brighten up to her presence.
“Chidinma!” (My little sister was named after my mum), I shouted with joy in my soul and a little tear in my eyes. –I missed her so much– She looked at me.
I walked up to her in a fast motion and bent down to carry her, my little bro came in and started asking questions and questions –That boy knows how to interfere in matter that doesn’t matter or concerns him at all–.
“Chidinma see brother Neil”, said my aunty.
I carried my little sis.
“You look just like mum”, I said to her with a smile on my face.
Later that same day, was the most amazing evening of my life. I felt my mum’s presence right there where I stood.
It was as if I was carrying my mum, not my little sis.
It had been up to an hour, since I came back from school and all through, I carried my little sis and as I was playing with her, she polluted.
“[Laughing] Damn girl”, I said laughing.
I looked around, but didn’t see my Aunty –my aunty went upstairs, to do something in her room–.
“Aunty, chidinma has release the dragon oo!”, I shouted.
“Ah ok, bring her upstairs to my room”, said my aunty.
I did as I was told.
While I was passing my dad’s room, with my little sis on my hand, a strange breeze blew, then I heard something fell in my dad’s room, so I stoped to know what fell.
When I open the door, I saw a book on the ground –I guess it fell from my dad’s shelf–. I dropped my sis on my dad’s bed, then picked it up.
I was about putting it back to the place where it fell from, when it opened by itself mysteriously. I saw my mum’s writing on it.
It says “Life might be challenging and full of sorrowful years and days, but it’s never the end of once life”.
“Mum wrote this”, I said with a surprised face, to my little sis.
“But how come it’s still here, after all this years and I didn’t see it”, I said to myself.
I turned on to the next page and I saw “Everything is how it was written in life”.
“Wow, so mum was a writer”, I said with a smile on my face,
I went close to my little sis then said “Chidinma see mummy’s handwriting, it is beautiful right?”, I asked her.
She replied me back with a smile and the words of a baby. I smiled, then looked at her and said “I MISS MUM so much”
“But now that you are here, I have someone and something to live for. I will never let anyone not even the devil himself hurt you I promise. I LOVE YOU SIS”. I said then kissed her, on her forehead.
……THE END…..
I wrote some words after each episode.
1 After I fall in love.
2 After the expression of an unbelievable event.
3 After that maximum control of your soul.
4 After I have the experience with life.
5 After excitement.
6 When life becomes sweet.
7 When I can’t forget you.
8 When feelings are exchanged.
9 When warmness fills my heart.
Each one has a key word.
Love is an unbelievable expression, it keeps your soul under maximum control, it makes your life experience to be filled with more excitement, it is so sweet that it’s a feeling never to be forgotten when it is exchanged in different ways.
When warmness fills your heart, just know that it’s love knocking on the door of your heart.
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