I Miss You Mum (5) story By Dindy

I Miss You Mum (5) story By Dindy


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My dad was about to say something, then his phone rang, so he stepped out to pick it. My aunty dropped the things, which she and my dad bought for my mum, on a table that was right beside my mum’s bed. My aunty looked at the time and it was 11.30am, then she asked my mum whether she has taken anything, she said no that the nurse told he not to eat until 12noon.
My aunty said “Ok let me boil water, so when it’s 12noon you will eat. My aunty went to ask the nurse, who was attention to a patient in a room beside my mum’s room, after my aunty left my dad came back.
I and my mum were talking when my dad called me a funny name, we all laughed then my dad’s phone rang again, he picked the call and went out side. I guess he was trying to direct someone to the hospital because when he picked it, he said “Have you gotten to the bus stop?”.
My mum called my little brother, he came close to her and then he started asking unnecessary questions like “mummy why are you sick? mummy why is your face fat? mummy where is your shoe”, I got annoyed because of his unnecessary, unwanted, annoying questions, but my mum knew how to answer all his questions.
My dad came back from his out side trip, but no one came with him (I thought someone was coming with him), i was happy that no one came because I don’t want any one to take away the attention my mum is giving me.
My dad sat on a chair, which was right beside my mum’s bed, as he spoke to my mum about church and other stuffs, my aunty came back with hot water, she went straight to a table beside my mum, where the flask was kept.
After she turned it into the flask, my mum asked her what the time was, she checked her wristwatch and the time was 12noon.
She said “Wow I didn’t know I spend this much time boiling water”.
The nurse that was taking care of my mum was not too far, she was attending to the next door patient, it was as if she knew that it was time for my mum to eat.
The nurse walked in and told my mum that she could eat now –well I guessed the nurse timed my mum or maybe she has a supernatural power–.
The nurse also told my mum to take the drugs she brought, after my mum must have finished eating her food. After telling my mum what to do, the nurse left, then my dad told my aunty to make tea for her.
My mum asked me maybe I would eat with her –me no dull ooo, if na you, you go close eyes make better thing pass you?–, I told her yes with a smile.
My aunty said “See your head, you too like food Neil”.
My dad said “mum’s boy, you will always want what your mum want”.
My little bro was just there siting on my dad’s Lap saying and doing nothing –I guess he is dad’s boy and I was mum’s boy, so it’s one-one–.
I and my mum ate and after we ate, my mum took her drugs. my dad started teasing my mum, then a phone call came in my dad’s phone, I started to wonder who the caller was because the person was really disturbing our family play time.
In my head i said “If this person doesn’t know the road here, let him/her go house, instead of bugging us”.
I began to wonder, why my little brother was quite, he didn’t play or fool around like always, he was well behave that day. I later remembered that his good behaviour, was caused by a nurse at the entrance, who warned him not to make noise or she would inject him with the biggest injection.
I said smiling to myself “Now I know what to use to get food and snacks from you little bro”…….To be continue….. “After excitement”.
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