I hate U (6-8)

……….Mark Side Of The Story Continues………
I was at a wine bar Colling off after what
had happened, i did not want to remember
or talk about it. to me i had fun but to him he
caught me with his girl friend, i know what i
did was wrong but did not care so i drank to
the fullest seven bottles of Liquor yet was not
satisfied “bar man bring more Liquor” i chuckled
at the memories as they came by, before i could
finish drinking i was eminently drunk, that
i even forgot to pay the bar man who rushed
at me while i was about to leave “Sir you
have not paid for your drinks” i said sorry i
forgo, i reached for my back pocket and
brought out my wallet counted four thousand
naira handed it over to him and staggered in to
my car on the ignition den raised my head up
only to see on the drivers mirror an instruction
which says “don’t drink while driving if u must
drink don’t drive, if you must drive don’t drink
i sigh offed the ignition and went back to the
bar to sleep. There was an all night party at the
bar so i had no need for worries whether to
sleep at the bar or in the car. Before i knew it,
it was dawn the sound of the DJ’s music woke
me up, i checked my gold wrist watch it was
8am i yearn, got up from the chair i was seating
and headed to my car, i got in win down and
speed off. When i got home i was eminently
tired and famished at the same time but first i
must take a shower i said to my self. I got into
the bathroom took off my clothes before i knew
it i was clean and dry. Without wasting time i
headed to the kitchen took out two packs of
Indomi and had my stomach filled after which
i went into the bedroom to continue another
round of sleep.
………….Princess Side Of The Story Continues……..
When i arrived at Ghana airport i could not
behold my eyes the whole environment was
nice and clean, i kept looking around the airport
like a visitor that i was as i made my way to the
bus station we’re ill charter a cap to my destination.
I chartered a cap not knowing where i was heading
to i beckoned on the cap man to give me so minutes
to call my sister. I brought out my i phone dialed
her number it rang and rang but no respond i called
again still no respond i became worried. A radiant
smile came upon my face as i saw on my phone
screen sweet sis calling i judiciously picked up the
phone slide right to the answer icon of my i pad
“sorry i was in the bathroom wen u we’re calling
we’re are you now” she asked.

“am in a cap” i replied “I’ll send you the location of
the house in a text message in a text message” she
said, i slide left to the end key icon on my phone
screen. Not long i received a message on my phone
i opened it, it was her house address i showed it
to the cap man who nodded in confirmation saying
he knows the location, i was relived and happy, we
zoomed off. The journey to her house was a long
one i kept staring at the beautiful city and it’s people
as we drove by, finally we arrived at her place. when
we got there she was standing outside her gate
waiting for me, she was glad when she saw me. I got
out of the cap, asked the cap man how much is his
money he said one thousand Ghana CD’s, i was not
having any Ghana CD’s with me the only money i had
was Naira (Nigerian currency) so i turned looked at my
sister who smiled at me then reached for her purse
brought out the money and paid the cap man who
zoomed off after he had gotten his money. “How was
your flight” she asked “it was terrible” i responded as
we made our way into the parlor “what a nice house
you’ve got here” i said as i walked round the room
inspecting it like an officer looking for evidence. She
took me showed me to my room, i undressed went
to the bathroom took my bath she gave me something
to eat. After i had finish eating we sat and began to
discuss. “before now i had insisted that you come stay
with me here in Ghana but you refused now why the
sudden change of mind? she sat down quietly as i
began to narrate every details of the incident to her.
“How could you?” she asked “but it Wasn’t my fault i
replied “then who’s fault is it?” she asked. I told her i
was felling sleepy and needs to rest she got up hissed
and walked away. I sat down for a moment then got
up into my room to rest.

…….John Side Of The Story Continues………
“Hullo Dearie you’re the sweetest thing that has
ever happened to me, i love you so much” “i love
you too and i don’t think i can ever live without
you i will forever be by your side Dearie” she said.
I looked at her then smiled, she held me close
to her then looked at my face and ask me to assure
her that i was never going to leave her. I smiled placed
my hands upon her shoulders then i said “nothing
can ever break our love i really do love you” she smiled
and said “i know just wanted to be sure” as i was about
to kiss her then suddenly something happened guess
what happened…

A cockroach walk pass my leg into my face
immediately i got up from sleep, luckily for me
i killed the mother fucker luckily for the mother
fucker he died a shameful dead. I then realize i had
been dreaming, i sat on my bed wondering why i had
to have such a bad dream. Yes bad dream because to
me the dream was bad, it was the last dream i could
ever think of having. It is said that if you we’re thinking
of something before going to bed you will dream about
it, but i wasn’t thinking of princess what had been on
my mind was the football match i went to watch last
night before going to bed, a match between my team
Chelsea and Man United which ended in favour of
Man U i was sad as i went to bed with the football match
on my mind then how come this sudden dream about
princess? i kept on wondering but before i knew it i was
fast asleep and i had another dream about Princess
being involved in a car accident. I woke up terrified, do i
am mad at her, i wont want anything bad to happen to
her. I picked up my cell phone it was 4am i went to
contact list searched for the name Rita (Rita is Princess
friend) i dialed her number but she wasn’t picken i guess
she was deep into sleep, i tried again hoping the ringing
tone of her phone wake her up but to no avail. I ended
the call and continued my sleep. Soon it was dawn i got
waked up by my flat screen that was still on, i forgot to
switch it off when Nepa took their light before going
to bed. Something was missing on my head, i tried to
figure it out “What was it i needed to do this morning”
i asked my self then i remembered i had a dream i
immediately picked up my cellphone to call Rita just
like magic as i was about to press the call log icon her
call came in “Hullo John i saw your miss call early
this morning any problem?” i said no because i did
not want her to know. “please give me Princess phone
number” she said “OK but for what? the last time i called
to inform you about her travel to Ghana you hung the
call on me so why do you need her number now?. “i just
want to speak with her that’s all” i said “ok i will send
you a text message containing the number” i said “OK”
and ended the call.

Few seconds later a message came
in i checked it was the number i was expecting i copied
it and place a call across to her it rang i was lucky she
picked i said “Hullo Princess” “Who am i speaking with?”
she asked i replied “it’s John” she kept mute for a while
i believe she was surprise hearing my voice…..
To be continued….

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