How “Buharists” Argue 101

The “change” euphoria has come and gone. Now the dysphoria of what a hyper-inflated economy and a seemingly snail-paced government could do to our collective psychology has kicked into full drive.
Now majority of us have started losing faith entirely in the Buhari led government. Why not? Arresting and re-arresting of corrupt or non-corrupt politicians has not made tomatoes not look like a luxury in these times.
Quick fact: you wanna know how angry a Nigerian is? Visit him. Demand for Rice and take just two spoons after messing up the food.

However that is just for the majority and what’s a majority without a minority with a different view? Bloodshed. That’s all what we want to avoid, as there are in these times a minority of Buharists, (yes that’s a valid term, no italics) who will indelibly still tell you with a straight face that this is a government that “means well” or is actually doing fine. Well, we know in all honesty how inclined you punching him or her (because I’m all for gender parity) would feel. But we don’t want that. So we give you a heads up on the reasons they’ll give you beforehand. You know, just to reduce the emotional shock you’d have, and maybe conjure up counter-propositions you’d use to squash their points. Yeah? No we will just enumerate here. No counter arguments. Why? We can’t do everything for you.
1. Good things never come easy: They’ll tell you to analyse the American history. They never had it easy. They’ll tell you that before gold becomes lustrous it passes through fire and all sorts of taskmaster ideologies.
Ps: you just googled taskmaster? And you want to win the argument? Really ?
2. They will tell you Buhari’s an honest man; Yes. This paradigm worked during the elections and really why should they deviate from a winning formula. They will tell you how stoic a person he is. But for a counter-pose you could tell them the current fuel price is quite honestly reducing your generator running hours.
Hint: don’t try to bring out any incriminating corrupt thing about the president at this point. They’ll expect it and label it “propaganda” with a yellow tape. (yes! The yellow tape was used figuratively)
3. The country has been running on corruption : Now this is the point you’d be most tempted to, you know, scream sensitive words and haul punches. Don’t. Except bail is actually free in your area. They’ll tell you that the basis on which the country has been running was a foundation of corruption and was due to crumble. It just inadvertently chose PMB’s tenure. You need to build a strong counter-argument for this. Except you’re arguing on twitter. Then you could just trailer-jam the individual.
4. Over four years everything will pan out: Now only the smartest of the Buharists can make this claim. The light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel claim. At this point most will tell you about how he built most of Nigeria’s refineries in 1985 and how he wasn’t given time to consolidate the Utopian Nigeria he had in mind to build. At this point you tend to imagine how much the person buys a bag of rice. Or if he/she buys stuff from the same market as you. This is the normal reaction. Yes. Punching people doesn’t solve anything. Except maybe you’re a Nigerian senator.
5. Finally they tell you how GEJ and the PDP are the cause of practically everything wrong: Think of anything wrong with you as a person. No restrictions. Ok! Think of how you can blame it on one of PDP or GEJ’s actions. You can? Well you wouldn’t suck if you switch sides. The continuous narrative of blaming the previous administration is one that worked wonders and just like a twisted Oliver twist, they do it more and more with different shades and spades.
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6 thoughts on “How “Buharists” Argue 101” by Los_21 (@@Los)

  1. halfmoon (@halfmoon)

    Valid point and all but why are we bent on consuming other rice when we have ours…….PMB only wants for us a better and a self sufficient country…. So go consume your locally grown rice, it’s cheaper and very stone coated

  2. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    I have laughed and nodded in agreement, paused to think and what not. Not trying to choose which cabal to belong to but i made sense off this.

  3. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Apparently, the belonging to everyone and no one is in motion.

  4. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    true and funny

    1. Thanks…it’s just the reality we live in….most “Buharists” are in a perpertual self- or reality denial……Good morals doesn’t necessary transform into superb leadership. #MoralLesson from this administration.

  5. Felicia Taave (@FeliciaTaave)

    Very evident in every day Nigeria nowadays; we suffer and we fear to complain. My area is a no government criticism zone. Sometimes i wonder if these Buharists get annuity or something for all their blind loyalty. Thanks for putting the thoughts of many like me into coherent and logical words

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