Fear of Death

Fear of Death

The burial was finally over. Its bedtime.i had taken my 7yr old son ,
to ease herself so she wouldnt wet the bed.That had become a daily routine. He lay down to sleep afterwards after wishing me goodnight.i made my way to go to my own room when i heard a voice behind me.

‘Daddy,i am scared of death’ i heard my son say
poor boy, he lost his mum last year and now her dad.he has seen both corpse at a young age. It must be having psychological effect on her.

‘Vincent, we shouldnt fear death but love sleep for death is a prolong sleep. ‘

i paused waiting for the message to sink in

‘Do you mean each time we sleep we die?
He asked

‘yes’ i replied
‘morever you shouldnt fear death. You have died before long before you were born. If you die again,you will be born again either here on earth or in heaven.’

‘death is not a bad thing afterall’ vincent finally said with a smile on his face. The fear was gone

4 thoughts on “Fear of Death” by tobechi74 (@tobechi)

  1. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    Powerful message, despite the flaws.

    Proofread, proofread…..

  2. Nnedu. Gideon (@gmoney)

    U said he is ur son, yet he lost his dad and mum at a young age. Are you the father’s ghost? U also referred to the child as ‘him’ and ‘her’. Is the child suffering from gender confusion??

  3. tobechi74 (@tobechi)

    oou! Sorry I did not notice it. Thanks for pointing it out

  4. first i commend the simplicity of your writing. usually the passage of a loved one is very painful. Again truly everytime we lay down to sleep we die. Good piece.

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