Diary Of A Christmas Chicken

The argument is still on
Of which comes first;
the egg or the chicken
but that’s not what they do in their kitchens.

I grew up in a lively community
Where eating and drinking were our only occupations.
Love was showered on us daily,
much love that we were too busy to ask why.

Unlike the native birds that wander about,
We had a place we could call a home.
They gave us so much feed that we couldn’t walk,
We ate so much that we couldn’t talk.

The Sun didn’t scorch us when it’s so bright
neither did the rain drench us by night.
We lived happily with minor brawls
that usually end draws.

But as the air became dusty
and as the temperature fell,
the mighty amongst us were declared missing.
Their whereabouts none could tell.

Again they came, saw and conquered a fellow.
It struggled, screamed and cried.
The last thing I saw was a knife;
it seems they just took another life.

Who knows when next they’ll come?
It may.. it may be…
I just hope it’ll be next May.
The next word I heard was “YOU, COME!

19 thoughts on “Diary Of A Christmas Chicken” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

    wonderful piece, like it, very well structured and I also love your use of words, very well put

  2. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

    p.s, please can you grant me permission to publish this piece on my blog? credit would be given accordingly

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      Thanks so much for the encouraging comment @ Adesanya. You may go ahead. It’s my pleasure. Do well to send me the link. Thanks

  3. Felicia Taave (@FeliciaTaave)

    Hahahahahaahaaa….So true! Well written!

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      Thanks So Much Ma’am

  4. Eze Ifeanyichukwu Peter (@Pete)


    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      Thanks Sir

  5. Nelson c.j (@Chetty)

    Although this seems to me like something I’ve seen before. But that did not take away the freshness, innocence, and absolute hilarity in the poem.

    One can understand the chicken’s plight from a newer perspective.

    I like this. More space to your imaginary room!

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      Thanks for the wonderful comment

  6. gee dee (@GoldDebbie)

    Love it.

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      Thanks for loving it

  7. Nnedu. Gideon (@gmoney)

    Noboy tells them to come, the murderer just stretches his hand into the cage and picks them at random. Nice piece. Keep it up.

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      @gmoney, thanks for the comment. I am on painting a picture of the Chicken hearing the thought of the owner. Thanks for reading

  8. aloba (@aloba)

    wonderful piece…good one

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      @aloba, thanks for the encouraging comment. I appreciate it

  9. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    @okemejames,lovely write up and nice use of words.

  10. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

    Thanks so much @Ada123 . I truly appreciate your awesome comment

  11. Mezie Aneke (@Mexpagnecollection)

    Wonderful diary; I felt the plight of the chicken from your use of words. BINGO!!

    1. Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

      It’s good to know @Mexpagnecollection. Thanks for reading

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