When northern hills meet with southern streams
At first wonder, doubt then joy
Brisk bubbling arts connect with structurally efficient creator
call it silky meets soegra
with it’s many appellations

Colour, lines, anger
We probably fought once
Dramatic things happened
We never looked back!

Eating together at Turkey’s republic on birthdays!
To checking up on each others emotional meter
i taught him to draw
He taught me efficiency
I taught him love for books
He redefined friendship for me

Nine years in each others face
Our relevance bloomed
Others say love whispers when connected
Hmmm! the opposite
When i see silky
Or silky sees soegra
I shout revealing the core
My true self… what impassioned me
In turn he screams of his loves and hints to me
Thank God for the volume knobs!
Now he does this more than i do
With hands motioning like the traffic warder
He obviously invites me to crank it low
“Stop shouting! i mean”

I taught him to be a night owl
He taught me to read smart
He told me “why read cover to cover”
When you can read “meaning to meaning”

Strolling all alone in school
Partly covered by the blackness of night
Engaged in thoughts as usual
I heard this voice…
Chattering charily with a damsel
Almost in shadowy shapes
I blurted out Dem…Demola
Sam…Sam he said stuttering,
We’ve grown so close,
i could recognize him in shadows

After test one day
I stood up clambering down the stairs
Hearing Demola call
I stopped…
I know what you’re thinking
In almost absolute unbelief
Tell me! i said
“you feel you didn’t do too well”
Ever since i knew
This man sure knows how i think!

If there is one thing am grateful for
You taught me being am extrovert is not a bad thing
For things that matter to you
We both love Jesus, design and books
While he brands, i animate
And a growing avocation of ours is
Expanding our influence!

3 thoughts on “Demola” by samuel o-e (@benchmark)

  1. Wonderful story of friendship and the lives of two young men. Engaging, Captivating and Inspiring.

  2. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

    Its nice, it’s well narrated and simple, good work

  3. Thank You Adesanya Oluwadami your comment is highly appreciated.

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