harry opened his inbox and read the mesage

“Catherine caught me seeing Jenifer off .I lied to her she is your sister.cooperate”

it was KIngsley his roomate. KINgsley was a womaniser. he has been caught again in his affairs and has wanted harry to assist in covering him up. This was not the first time. kingsley was seeing diffrent ladies: Cathrine,Jenifer,Linda Patricial etc. Cathrine is his fiancee and Jenifer the sparetyre.

Harry finally came home and met catherine wiping her tears with a white imaculate handkerchief. it is obvious she had been crying ever since she saw her fiancee with another lady.

“where is my sister?” he asked without greeting anyone. he searched the room with my eyes and headed for the kitchen. he came back with a ten liter gallon of red oil i bought the previous day.

”thank God she delivered the oil my mum sent her to bring for me from the village, oil is expensive now” harry said faking a sign of relief.

” she just left few minutes ago” Kingsley managed to say.

” And why is catherine crying? i inquired, pretending not to know.

”describe her ,your so called sister.”cathrine asked trying to be sure the girl she saw Harry with was trully the same Harry sister. the question took harry aback

she is short, not as preety as you are, dark, with bowlegs and inflated boobs. unkempt hair and pimples all over her face.
Harry replied.

her squeezed face relaxed a bit. she seems to belive she was my sister after all.
he dropped his bag, picked his bible and left for evening mass

harry couldnt concentrate. his conscience kept disturbing him. his conscience blamed him for kingsley delay in marriage due to incesant cover up when multi dating. he was not going to recieve holycomunion for such a lie. he needs to go for confession.

harry came back and met a difrent house . catherine was not around.instead,kingsley had invited his friends to follow him merry ,dance celebrate for not been caught

he introduced Harry to his friends as the hero who saved the day. his friends aplauded. Harry was angry for lying and here he is being commended for the same act.

HARry quickly stole cathering phone number from kingsley phone where it was charging. he dialed her number and attached the loudspeaker to the phone. the music stoped.all gazed theier attention to him.

”catherine,this is harry, kingsley roomate.pls i have a confesion to make”

“g o on ” the reciever at the other end replied.

‘THe girl you saw wasnt realy my sister. she was a friend to kingsley your fiancee. i only lied to cover Kingsley up. please forgive me”

Harry hadnt finished the making the call when he heard screams of betrayal . He didnt see this coming. A bottle came flying acros his face and hit his left eyebrow. This was followed by various punches landing on his face. He passed out only to find himself in hospital the next day with bandage and plaster on his face. The pricee he had to pay for breaking the brother code

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  1. Adesanya Oluwadamilola (@McDahmie)

    short and intresting.

    but what Harry did was somewhat stupid, how can u make that sort of confession in the presence of your friends….. thaaaar..

    being hospitalized is still small

  2. rosy (@Rosey)

    he he he. walahi, this harry is yeye . guys never break the boys code o more of a woman thing.

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