Beautiful Wings Episode 1

The title ‘Beautiful wings’ came after much contemplation about what kind of wings I’d like to be involved in this story. Beautiful or Broken. And I pondered if we humans had wings at all. I guess we had nothing to stand or even fly. We are that fragile. And so while I was still thinking, I found myself in the book of Ezekiel chapter 16 where God himself was saying something;

When I passed by you again and looked upon you, indeed your time was the time of love; so I spread My wing over you and covered your nakedness. Yes, I swore an oath to you and entered into a covenant with you, and you became Mine,” says the Lord God.

God loves you and I this much. I hope you get this as you keep reading.

Have a wonderful day ahead and remember, God is the reason you glow and should glow!


“I’m going to kill the both of them!” Lara screamed at Mabel though her friend was trying to calm her down. She jerked free and reached for her phone. After scrolling and not knowing what exactly she wanted to do, she flung the phone aside and reached to rub a hand against her head.

Her body was on fire right now and all she wanted to do was shoot the two people in her life that had betrayed her.

She couldn’t believe it.

Her best friend and her boy-friend.

Better put, her fiancé.

Was this some kind of joke or movie? This couldn’t be happening to her right now. It was probably some bad dream she was going to wake up from. Things like this were stories she heard of other people.

Not her.

“Lara, please take it easy…” Mabel’s voice refused to soothe her.

She turned to face her. “For how long have you known about this Mabel? How long!” She screamed the tears already streaming down her face.

“I knew you would be hurt.” Her friend tried to explain. “The last thing I wanted for you is to be hurt like this. I felt that if you knew about it, you wouldn’t go on with the wedding and you could know the kind of man Soji is.”

“And Aisha! That girl of all people? My bestfriend! Aisha that we attended the same primary and secondary school. Aisha that I wasn’t afraid to share my feelings with and everything else that belonged to me. Mabel, Aisha was like a sister and she heartlessly did this to me?”

“You know what Lara, just calm down. Let me get you a glass of water while you sit here and relax. You’ll be fine. I’m really sorry you had to find out about them this way.”

“She was sitting right on his lap when I caught them. In his office!!Soji didn’t even look like someone that was getting married to me. He even had the guts to beg me that it’s not what I think. I can’t even think right now. How am I going to survive the next few weeks? I’m going to be the laughing stock of the whole Lagos and my family. What are my parents going to do, the I.V and everything else! What about everything I did for him?”

“He’s a gold digger and a womanizer. That’s all he is.”

Lara knew Soji was no gold-digger. Maybe he was a womanizer but not the former. She’d offered to help him sometime back when they were studying at Manchester together but right now, he was a chartered accountant working in one of the top banks in the country. His father was late but his mother was a well known fashion designer even designing her wedding gown at the moment. Soji was well employed and had enough to take care of the both of them. If he wasn’t capable, her parents wouldn’t have blessed their engagement in the first place.

“I need that cup of water.” She headed to the kitchen while Mabel followed behind. She ensured Mabel wouldn’t be able to hold her back before she reached for the knife and slit her wrists.

Mabel screamed.


Nimi was staring outside her window when Kemi barged inside dropping her phone on the bed and frowning. All day she’d been trying to meditate on God’s word but her mind wasn’t settled.

Kemi, her long time roomate disrupted her thoughts much further.

“I have to go home this weekend. My cousin was just involved in an accident and my parents obviously need me around for child support.” Nimi noticed the sarcasm behind the voice and turned to look at Kemi wide-eyed.

A girl had been bleeding in her dream this morning. Could this be happening in reality?

She had never seen Kemi’s cousin face to face, but she knew the cousin she was talking about. The girl was like the prettiest girl she’d ever seen in pictures. Her roommate talked about her every single time. From the things she owned, to the guy she was going to get married to and how huge her father’s company was and how she was the one taking over as she was their only girl after her brother who was interested in something else.

“What happened?”

“Till I get home that’s when I can know, but I think it’s pretty serious. Baby Lara has probably been offended once more or maybe she cut her nail while she was doing pedicure and manicure.” She chuckled non-nonchalantly.

“Don’t be mean.”

“I’m not mean, she’s just my cousin and she can be pretty annoying sometimes. I can go home now and guess what, she just missed a step. I have to be at her beck and call because you know, it’s Baby Lara, no one offends her and it goes silent. Either the person is getting a payback or the whole world hears about it.”

Nimi sighed. “I do hope she’s alright.”

Kemi blinked and stared at her for a while. As if on cue, she beamed. “Come with me.”


“Please! It would be fun I promise. Don’t be such a bore.”

“No way, what will I tell my parents that I’m doing in the Kitan’s dynasty?”

“Many things. That you’re working part-time in one of their companies.”

“Are you using style to offer me a job?”

“Are you going to say yes if I say that I’m offering you a job?”

She shook her head suddenly appalled by the thought that they had changed the Lara centered discussion to her own search for an opportunity to work somewhere to gain a little experience even if she wasn’t being paid well. She knew it was part of God’s plan for her but was unaware on how He was going to execute it.

“We should be more concerned about your cousin and not what we seek to gain from her demise.”

“I never said you got the job, I was just trying to entice you but you didn’t seem to budge.” Kemi grinned more to herself. Her phone buzzed and she picked it up suddenly distracted by the messages coming in and forgetting her roommate for a while.

Nimi who was already used to her short time span in paying attention to things and discussions shook her head and dropped her Bible trying to go through one of her notes. It was a wonder the girl graduated from school and was running a Masters program here in Unilag.

“So are you coming with me? The good thing is we get picked from here in a car-like limousine.” She wiggled her eyebrows. ‘C’mon Nimi, even if it’s just this once, or have you asked Boyfriend number 1 and he said no?”
She nudged her playfully.

“Is it not you.” Kemi chuckled. “I know you na. The one who asks Jesus about every single thing. Team ‘Jesus is my husband.’ I wonder when you guys are going to realize that Jesus cannot marry all of you and you need someone ‘real’ and touchable. Someone to give you some good loving like Dare, your real boyfriend.”

“How many times am I going to tell you guys that there’s nothing between myself and Dare. First it was Nosa and Bridget and now, it’s you. You see a guy with a girl and the next thing you guys know how to do is frame stories or conjure up a relationship tale that’s not happening and never happening.”She snapped.

Kemi obviously saw how upset her friend had become and blinked. “You need to take a chill pill madam.”

“I’m sorry…” She apologized immediately she saw how upset her friend was. “It’s just that when you guys do that, it registers in my mind subconsciously I start thinking of him as an option when He isn’t God’s will for my life.”

“I just worry about you sometimes that’s all. I mean you’re a good girl and so you deserve a good guy.”

She smiled sadly. “And who says I’m good?”

“Uh, well, obviously if we are going to be classifying the good people, you would fall into the category for sure. You don’t do drugs, no tattoo, no alcohol, you read your Bible like it’s the next best thing after Chicken and chips, you’ve never had a first kiss, no dirty linen in your closet and you’d rather find satisfaction in God’s cloud 9 than in a club where you can get high.” She said as a matter of factly.

“Thank you for analyzing my life Miss Adesina.”

“Look, it’s just that you growing up as an old maid in some church or something creeps me out and that’s what happens to some good girls who live in denial. Someone like me, I don’t think I can do without physical contact. It’s crazy! Like how do you do it, do you recite a mantra or something?”

Nimi ignored her friend. She was used to her teasing.

“Okay, so are you coming with me or not? Please say yes. Besides, doesn’t the good book say mourn with those who mourn?”

“It’s now you know scripture.” She shook her head laughing. It was amazing how people often used the words in the Bible for their own selfish interpretation. She shook her head considering the situation. She didn’t feel uncomfortable or restless about it and her mind flashed back again to the image of the bleeding girl in her dreams.

She felt that nudge again. She’d learned to recognize it over time.

“When do we leave?”

To be continued…

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